Tap to Pay on iPhone

Feature request: Support “tap to pay” on iPhone with the Monzo iOS app.

This feature has just been introduced for iPhones in the UK and some other banking apps (e.g. Revolut) are supporting it or have announced support coming soon.

See https://9to5mac.com/2023/07/13/tap-to-pay-on-iphone-uk/

This feature allows iPhone users to accept payments directly with their phone (contactless card payment, ApplePay, etc., no additional device needed).

Would be fantastic to have Monzo app support this feature, too


So I wouldn’t say it’s too far away for iOS


I wouldn’t see this coming to personal accounts to be fair

Stripe have to support it first, which to my knowledge, they don’t, yet. then Monzo will support it

Unfortunately, it is only for business customers. You could set yourself up as a sole trader, if you really wanted to test this

Maybe they might finally bring Apple Cash over here for non business customers

As with the Apple Card, I’d put the chances at 0%.


It seems Stripe’s implementation is complete now: Tap to Pay on iPhone | Stripe Terminal

Just need to wait for Monzo to add the button now

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Looks like it’s now live for Business users

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Noticed it in my app release notes when I updated earlier. Fantastic addition for business customers, and makes for a much more compelling account now.

Have I been living under a rock or are Monzo being very quiet about it? Aside from those release notes I’ve seen nothing else about it.


Monzo have been quiet about it, meanwhile NatWest and Revolut advertise it

Stripe have only had it working for a few weeks, where Tyl by NatWest was a launch partner.

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also just proves that word of mouth is good enough for Monzo…