Monzo temporarily disabled account

Desided to get my savings sorted and moved my bills to a different account and the app froze and now is telling me my account is disabled. Really freaking out because I put a large sum of savings into monzo and i don’t think i can regain that anytime soon.

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It’s not clear exactly that the issue is but nonetheless we’re just customers like you on here so we can’t really help with transfers or locked/frozen accounts.

Your best bet is to contact Monzo through in app chat and I’m sure they’ll be able to help you resolve the matter.


As the account is frozen, no information can be given.

This is during the investigation on what’s happened.

Jack you really need to stop posting the wrong thing.

OP, all you can do is speak directly to Monzo.


I do apologise, it’s the way it was said.

I’m a customer just like yourself, so realistically speaking we can’t really do anything. As you mentioned it’s best for OP to contact support or wait until things have cleared. Although realistically best to contact support.

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