Monzo shares have increased in value by a huge 25x since the first round

E-Mail just in from Crowdcude


25x (times), not %! Much bigger. :money_mouth_face:

It’s x25 not 25%

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Just got the same email from Crowdcube. The first-round investors must have huge smiles on their faces! :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::pound::pound::pound::pound::pound::pound::pound::pound::pound::pound::pound:

Weren’t the initial shares priced at £1 each? In which case doesn’t that suggest that they’re currently valued at £25 each, or am I missing something?

Round 1 was 51p


I think they were £0.50p and the current share price is Circa £13 - so approximately 25x

I got mine in the second round for £1 each, not sure what they were in the first round

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Ah my bad! Misread that

x25 increase… USA, Business Accounts, Points and Marketplace all yet to be kicked off properly :slight_smile:


Wooooo hoooooo :tada::tada::tada::tada:

Bringing us all back down to earth , imagine if USA tanks , business accounts fail and the market place is well …meh …

Monzo is doing well , and I hope it continues - as an investor , its got a better foothold than a “startup” but its still got a long way to go before any IPO , any liquidity in share sales, and any certainty on share price “value” on the open market

Its not a given that all goes well , in fact its a certainty that Monzo will have some setbacks in the next few years


Here are some future headlines from Ian’s devils advocate bizarro world where everything goes wrong :wink:

2019: “Monzo begins losing 10,000 customers a day to Bò after 100 hour customer support waits become the norm”
2020: “Tom Blomfield tells Americans to get with the rest of the world and stop using checks”
2021: “Monzo runs out of funding after blowing through £100m on free stickers and Vegas ‘office supplies’
2022: “Monzo acquired by Starling Bank for £1”



:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: …those are very good … @rarther

its been a rollercoaster ride :slight_smile: I thought I was happy with a 10% ROI every year with my funds, and here am I now looking at 800% a year , long may it continue :slight_smile:

lol ps I might be wrong on that 800% / year :man_shrugging:



Woohoo! Congrats!

It’s all ficticious numbers until the IPO, right?

Also, I remember the 2nd round on Crowdcube mentioned a 40x increase ( I wonder how did they come up with that number?


All figures that some people are prepared to pay for a share of the ride :roller_coaster:

that link was at a value of £1bn so 2018 ??? the first crowdfund @ 50p was 2016 at a value of £30m ???

I think Monzo have now had 4 (?) crowdfunding rounds - 50p , 100p, 235p, 770p (ish)

all round figure - so round figures gets near 40 x ???

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There is an increase in number of shares, and this email suggests another increase in number of shares for this new funding they received.

So you need to take into account that while monzo May have been given more money, the number of shares has also increased so the potential value per share is spread over those new shares as well.


I get confused about how this all works…

If you invested at 770p what are they worth now?

Round 1 was 50.5p (51p) when Monzo was valued at £30m.

Monzo is now valued at £2B (this would imply approx 66x increase) but the share price is £13.02 (due to dilution of shares on every investment round).

£13.02/£0.51 = approx 25.5x gains since the 51p round.


How did you get the figure of £13.02? I’ve been looking for this everywhere.
Is it just a guess, have you seen this value somewhere or do you know the new total number of shares in issue?

Monzo tweeted the £13.02 value. We know the post-money valuation from Series E (£1bn) and the pre-money for Series F (£1.9bn) so that should let you calculate the uplift from the Series E share-price. We also know £113m of shares were bought at the Series F valuation so you should be able to work out the number of shares bought.

The only problem is… the numbers don’t add up. £13.02 is a 70% uplift from Series E whilst the other numbers suggest there should be at least an 85% uplift.