Monzo send card to Colombia?

Will Monzo send my card to an address in Colombia?

Could you please explain the situation? Are you asking for a replacement card to be sent to Colombia, do you live there or something else?

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I live in Jersey CI. I tried to apply for a card 2 weeks ago to no avail, an error came up when the screen said ‘get card’, so i contacted ‘help@monzo’, and forwarded the error. Someone said the team would look into it, i never got a reply, and still doesn’t work.

I’ll leave for Colombia in like 3 days, so if the error can be fixed, could you send instead to a Colombian address, please?


I see, the card is available in Jersey so I’d recommend getting back in touch with the support team to see whether they have any updates for you.

Unfortunately the users in this community can’t answer this for you -

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Thanks Alex. I also read that it was useable in Jersey, so i was puzzled it didnt work.

I’ll get back to the team, and hopefully there will be some solution.

Regards :slight_smile:

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I’m afraid we don’t ship the initial cards internationally.

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