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Hey guys! I am new to this community and I am extremely excited about it! I am about to write a dissertation topic base on Monzo’s expansion strategy under the growth of digital-only banks (/challenger banks), anyone could help me out by sharing their views on Monzo’s expansion strategy and why they choose Monzo bank? or just any thoughts that I could write about!!! Thanks!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Most students post a questionnaire here using Google forms etc , you’ll likely get more responses that way.

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Thanks foe replying me Kolok! That is a very great idea since we cannot do surveys due to the Covid situation. I am still designing my questionnaire! Any idea of key points to focus while targeting about how Monzo decide their expansion strategy? Should I dig into user’s perspective / competitors action! REally need some bright ideas from you all!! :kissing_closed_eyes: :slightly_smiling_face:

One thing to look at is international expansion. I found it quite interesting that instead of starting with neighboring countries in Europe, that they jumped straight into the US.

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For direct info take a look at Monzo annual reports. The 2020 report will likely published at end of June

Also, search Tom Blomfield on Youtube.

Mainstream media articles about Monzo may also be useful. They sometimes discuss expansion strategies, albeit sometimes speculative. Most detailed articles tend to be in Techcrunch, Sifted, and Wired.

For greater likelihood of reading critical views on Monzo’s expansion see The Telegraph, The Times, and FT Alphaville and the comments sections of their articles.


true! it’s so amazing that how they expand to the US! there must be some key reasons behind!! :face_with_monocle:

omg o99, thank you for providing me this piece of information! i also wanna know why people choose monzo over other challenger banks! :thinking:

  1. Cool looking card
  2. Decent app with a few features that some of the legacy banks don’t offer.
  3. Monzo is still making huge losses - so while it’s a great service, it’s not yet sustainable. Its customer’s are currently costing more than they are worth, and therefore they are getting a good deal.
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Good grief. When I did my degree you had to do proper educational research, not just stand in the doorway of the pub and ask a bunch of randoms for “ideas”.


youre right… i will read around this topic a bit more before asking for ideas! thanks for your reply and stay safe ! :pleading_face:

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