Monzo Requirements

Well I’m not going to just say “oh I give up” when it’s been a continuous email thread with specialists. It doesn’t take much time out of my day to do what they’re asking, I’m hardly sat up at night waiting for Monzo to sort it out.

It’s not exactly good for this to take so long but at the same time I am an investor, I’ve been with Monzo since the beginning and I use/used Monzo a lot with friends and with my partner and housemates.


If any other company did that I’d not just be complaining to them and never using them but making a complaint to the ombudsman, but maybe I’m just uptight. 5 attempts to open an account is ridiculous, technical issues or no.


Remember, a bank doesn’t have to offer you an account. They could easily just fob people off after the first attempt with no repercussions but they’re doing their best to allow the opening of the account


Yes, exactly. That’s why I would do what I would do. If I was told ‘try again’ and it failed a third time, that would be my (mental) evidence that the bank didn’t want me as a customer. After about the third time it’s wasting my time and theirs, so I’d have to call a halt to it at 4 or 5 under the presumption that, as you say, I’m not wanted as a customer. Which in itself would be perfectly fine, but not after 5 failed attempts due to the technology not working properly. My view is a personal one I appreciate and others may feel differently as I tried to suggest previously.


Totally understand your point. Tbh I am now at the point where I’m so invested in getting this sorted that I almost don’t want to just give up.

I still don’t really understand what’s happened.


Keep us up to date about your new :monzopride: account, please :face_with_monocle:

You are far more patient than a lot of us would be! What is stopping you from just sticking with another bank? Have you checked all your credit files and submitted a SAR to CIFAS? I checked all my credit data and submitted a SAR to CIFAS which came back all clear. I knew it would come back all clear, but Monzo’s decline message mentions they use credit data and CIFAS data, so wanted to make sure there wasn’t any errors in the data somewhere. It might be an idea for you to do something similar? There has got to be something that keeps tripping the decline for you.

On that basis, I just conclude this bank don’t want me a customer, which they’re completely entitled to do so and nobody is automatically entitled to a bank account. I don’t know if it’s a case of them toughening up their customer acceptance policies, or if it’s an issue from when I had an account before, and the data wasn’t completely wiped when I asked to sign up again as I did use the CASS. I’m not going to keep at them though and beg them, as I’ve got set up elsewhere and it’s entirely Monzo’s prerogative who they want to offer accounts too.

I just don’t understand why with you, you’ve applied 5 times and they’ve had you do it that many times either. That’s either a clear failure of technology or a clear indicator they don’t want you as a customer. If you desperately want a fintech and mobile bank, have you tried Starling Bank?


I have no issues with my credit report, which is why I know it’s a system error of some form with Monzo.

It’s really not been any effort on my part. I think your lengthy reply there was probably more effort!


Yap, fully agree :relieved::100:

It’s impression that Starling bank is far more welcome to the new customers :purple_square::white_check_mark:

Just amazing how I got declined by Monzo, yet had no issues opening a Starling account, so clearly no issue with my data and to be honest, when you look at everything Starling are doing and their overall offering… I think everything worked out for the best. :nail_care: :nail_care:


Monzo are stricter lately.

Starling are still chasing customers so they’ll let anyone in.


Starling are already profitable. They don’t need to ‘chase’ customers.


You’re on a roll tonight, aren’t you? :nail_care:


They will be chasing numbers because they have no doubt made growth targets to investors.


Well - 5 months later and I just got an email saying “Sorry we cannot offer you an account and we can’t say why” so I guess I’m now one “of those” who are barred from Monzo :upside_down_face:

Ain’t bothering fighting anything anymore as I literally cannot think of a single reason I wouldn’t be eligible for a Monzo account but it has been a rollercoaster.

Still staying on this place though :wink:


Chase Bank launches on the 21st. That might be worth applying for and trying out


Oh I would have likely signed up regardless because I’m like that :blush:


I’ll likely be joining you in the club soon – just waiting for an eBay pay out then I’m using Monzo as the donor account for the RBS switching bribe


Don’t you just request to re open and not try for another new account?

I closed mine some time ago and reapplied, got the decline, but then followed the above process and they just reopened it.

Edit: ignore me, I misread your initial post :sweat_smile:


Ha believe me I have tried. Nothing at all I can think of, have recently had Amex lower my interest rate and just got the acceptance on credit from Apple, had been with Monzo for years since Mondo days and yet closed accounts seem to be a minefield for them. Just here now for the Fintech bantz :sunglasses: