Monzo Presents: A Very Special Premiere / TV Advert Discussion

I don’t think it’s commercially sensitive, ultimately you could easily extrapolate the data yourself just using the numbers on the homepage and that graph that’s floating about…

We plan on publishing a full post about the results of the ad around the end of this month, I believe!

What I will say for the moment is that the uplift from the ad meant we crossed 200k signups in a single month (May) for the first time and the trend is continuing. If we can maintain that number, and I think we can actually still increase it, we could well be looking at 5 million users in a year from now, which is pretty mind-boggling to think about. And that’s without factoring in international expansion (something which we will be updating you all on very soon).

The other cool thing is that salaried users continue to grow as well. That puts us in a really great position moving towards profitability, and we have some great features in the pipeline (some of which a few of you have already found in tear downs) that will really accelerate this :blush:


@simonb do you know if they are going on youtube as well?

I thought they already were? Here’s the main one. The shorter ones are around somewhere too.

No I meant as Actual adverts :rofl:


Just had it pop up as an advert on YouTube.

30 second version.


Just watched the ads on youtube and must say, did a couple almost spitting beer at the screen things. Love them! Been talking about Monzo since I found them in the Wall Street Journal and did some research and then found a job ad. :smiley: Guess who’s doing the take home task! Yay! Cannot wait to get in on this. Ignites my entrepreneurial spirit. :grey_exclamation::exclamation::grey_exclamation:


Good luck Laura

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RIP TV ads :cry:


Saw a few full ones last night - didnt realise they were the last of them

It’ll be interesting to see if signups drop back down over the next week or two without ads.

Yesterday was Monzo’s 2nd highest day ever for signups (just 130 short of the highest).


Now the adverts have finished, perhaps time to update the app description on Google Play


The impact on sign-ups was immediate. June was “by far” Monzo’s biggest month for sign-ups, attracting more than 250,000 new customers, up from 150,000 a couple of months before. And prompted brand awareness increased 13 points from 35% to 48%


Monzo doesn’t charge a fee for using your card abroad yet they completely missed that in the TV advert!
Whoever is in marketing at Monzo needs to be fired!
Not being charged is one of the best things Monzo does that other banks don’t. So if someone senior is reading this in Monzo; get yourself some new Marketing people!


I think this may have been intentional - they don’t want to be that little card at the back of the drawer you dust off each time you go abroad. So many of these accounts are used like this. These accounts cost money in this setup. They want fully immersed current account users. These accounts make money.


Monzo, a bank who has marketed themselves so well, people actually pay a monthly fee to be a supporter.

A bank who is so well loved by some people, that they literally walk around in Monzo branded t-shirts.

A bank that puts on events for customers to come to, just to be a part of the growth and have a beer… Events that get sold out and really well received.

A bank that despite certain fees in other parts of the business, and changes for the worse to certain features, still garner huge respect and support from it’s customers.

But yes, they should definitely fire the marketing people :wink:


Monzo getting labelled as a travel card caused a lot of confused posts on here especially when they added the fees on overseas ATM transactions. They likely want to avoid that.

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Yep, and in some ways (although far less than before) and in some demographics, the whole “travel card” thing is the understanding that just won’t die.

Within the very near future, you will see some very specific things done around our public image and marketing to double down on promoting some of our new killer features. Things like Get Paid Early and Bills Pots are things that only make sense if you’re full Monzo. And since that’s what we want, we plan on heavily pushing them.