Monzo prepaid verification levels

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Was on the Monzo blog looking at some posts and saw this …

" “before identity verification”, “after identity verification” and “enhanced identity verification”

Which type of verification have I got ? When i joined 2 weeks ago i took a photo of my passport and a video of myself.


This is from the prepaid days - they used to be considered as an e-money institution which has relaxed requirements for ID verification, so they could get away with different tiers of verification.

Now they are a bank, so there is only one level of verification - assuming you’ve got an account you’re verified.


I won’t have anywhere near £2,000 coming In each month . Just about £550 from benefit money. Will this be ok ?

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There is no minimum income required to open a Monzo account - in fact you could leave the account at 0£ if you so desire.


So everyone who has monzo has the same level of verification ?

Those blogs should be deleted really if they are now obsolete :slight_smile:

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They are part of Monzo’s history and I don’t want it all gone - maybe instead they should have a mention how they are about a deprecated product (the prepaid) as to not mislead new customers.


Fair enough :slight_smile:

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Was just asking because I saw someone on the forum last week mentioning “ further verification “


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