Monzo for the older ones

What can you do to make monzo plus and premium more attractive to the older population? The travel insurance is not available for the over 70s and the offers are not that attractive either.
I keep looking to see additional offers but little seems to be happening on that front. Thanks in advance for any feedback.


The offers aren’t great, although there have been a couple of new ones added but nothing spectacular and you can’t use the travel insurance.

You have to decide if the rest of it makes it worthwhile for you to upgrade.

Spot on @Oldsteve. As a bod in my twilight years your comment has some resonance for me. I suspect however that we are outside that main Monzo population demographic. Best wishes, OldRog.


To be fair the offers aren’t that attractive to younger people either.


Lets flip the question and also ask how can the older population be more attractive to Monzo? Would they be profitable customers? I’m not saying you are are wrong to ask, just looking at it from another perspective. Do the 70+ population keep wealth in high street banks? I have no idea.

Thanks for your interesting replies. I suppose it comes down to whether or not Monzo wants to grow it’s customer base and be fully inclusive. It’s perhaps only a question monzo can answer.

I think they’d go for profitability before inclusivity so it comes down to whether they can make money with something an older population would be attracted by. Looking at Premium, I’d be more interested in insurance for the kid’s phones, for example, than for mine. If I need a new phone, I can afford one. If I need 2 or 3 of them, however, then that’s a different story.