Monzo pots

I have ended up with 20 or so pot on monzo which is good for various things. How do I make sure I reach my goals do I add money when I get paid to one that up and coming or do I schedule payment each

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Hello & welcome :wave:

You can do either or both :smile:

Salary Sorter will appear for incoming receipts of over £100 and allows you to send amounts to one or more pots. You can choose for it to remember the allocations next time this receipt is erm… received, so that it saves a bit of time.

You can set up a scheduled transfer to transfer an amount from your main account into a specific pot on a single or recurring basis.

The two ways above are totally separate from each other.

EDIT: you may be at the ‘maximum pot level’ with 20 pots, I’m sure it is limited to 20 per account.

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I’ve used a combination of scheduled moves and ifttt widgets however the salary sorter looks like it will help you out

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