Monzo Plus – you asked us to make it simpler, so we’ve created bundles

I looked at this before too. Looking at Western Union, assuming you transfer more than £140 with this service, their fee will be lower than Monzo’s 5%.

They also take faster payments from your bank account, so assuming you still have access to the Monzo app - you could do this faster and cheaper in the app directly.

I’d also be interested to hear if anyone has tried using the Emergency Cash feature, or even what the uptake rate of it was when you could add it separately.


Makes sense. Anyone who says “it should’ve been spotted” clearly doesn’t work in software development. No matter how stringent you test it, there’s always one or two bugs that make it through, hence why they are called bugs


Yeah this is pretty terrible from Monzo, these bundles are useless. If I want the travel and home insurance I need to pay £21 where it used to be just £15. What they had before was so much better, cheaper and easier to understand.


As a customer, that makes no difference to me, but I’m grateful to you for clarifying. :+1:


Anyone else notice once package is missing from the website?

Yep, all the people discussing it above your post :stuck_out_tongue:



I really should read above before posting :rofl::rofl:


It actually takes a few minutes, or a few hours at most, however there is always an exception, so they state up to 3 days.

Exactly the same with Monzo, they can make the money instantly available, however if you are in a city that the only western union place is shut for 2 days, it won’t be instant. And there are many cities and countries where Western Union is only available at certain times or days. Even in the UK you can go to a Western Union shop and find they don’t have the cash to give you, which my mother has experienced many times getting her Italian Pension and that’s in a big English town. So Western Union doesn’t make anything quicker or easier, its just covers a lot of places.

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Been a Plustomer for several months, never had an email about any options. :thinking:


As said above the email was going to happen but now they’re waiting to see what they rerelaunch plus as

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the Canada option ?

Possibly Monzo’s finest decision making with the community was when you changed the atm withdrawal limits. You identified that something didn’t work, thought of some solutions, then asked your customers what they would want. With Monzo plus you have made a decision to reverse direction, forced it on your customers, and then told us it’s better.

I think everyone would have been happier if you said that custom bundles aren’t workable, then tried to find out if that was the layout of the app (my suspicion, so heavily suggested here), people’s ability to understand the offering, or something else and then made a more educated move to correct it.

Get back to your principles and move forward.


Hope monzo rethink giving interest when taking or without to try help customers cause the current plus is not worth the money and I want remove interest to pay for stuff I want need

I still don’t get this argument?

For most people, the payment of a monthly subscription will far exceed the value of interest they’ll receive.

Why would any rational person do this?

I actually feel better having interest on my monzo account and regular pots then I don’t need to put more in to savings pots and it gives me incentive to keep money at the bank cause before I sent most of my money to the building society but now the balances at the bank is growing quite a bit and it’s gonna keep growing as long as I get interest

And with curve metal I gain so much cashback so the amount I actually pay curve to what I get back shows there’s a lot to gain having interest and cashback rewards compared with money you pay out

I’ve never been a long term saver I’ve always saved and spent so monzo has changed everything my banking life turned around and interest on my monzo account big plus though not enough as I pay out but better than no interest and I would never give it up

I still don’t get why people think banks will them more than they pay?

Lloyds, Barclays…

Don’t know why you said Lloyd’s lol. I’m with them and got crap from interest rates etc :joy: