Monzo Plus: Virtual Cards

My understanding is that they work the same way as refunds to a cancelled card. If the merchant presents the refund using the authorisation code of the original transaction it will go through - if they refund it as a new transaction it will fail as any new authorisations are blocked.


I agree completely. The icon in the main feed is labelled with a virtual card icon so I know the transaction was made with a virtual card versus a physical one. I would place more value on seeing the note text under the merchant name as normal so I knew what it was I had bought versus seeing the name of the virtual card that was used.

It’s about which display mode provides me with the most information in the least space. If the icon tells me it was a virtual card transaction and the merchant name is Amazon, then the sub-line below the merchant name is better off telling me this transaction was … my book, my prime subscription, my xbox game etc… because I probably remember which virtual card I assigned to Amazon anyway.

The way it is now, I see it was a virtual card transaction at Amazon but have to tap into the transaction to see what it was for. More work makes me sad. :slight_smile:

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Vote for it here


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So I’ve started this one to share this:

I just noticed this pop up in the Monzo app whilst playing the swipe through my pots boredom buster game as I wind down for bed.

Given I already have 5 virtual cards, it feels weird to be promoting this to me! Let alone have a flow that lets me click through to the creation process!

I can get as far as setting the virtual card pin before it kicks me onto this page:

You almost had me there Monzo! For a brief moment I thought you’d quietly increased the limit!

Pinging @AlanDoe or @Dan5 to hopefully reopen the old virtual cards thread and move this post into it! Or we can just have this as a new thread to discuss virtual cards. Whatever is preferred!


I discovered the same carousel entry for VC’s yesterday too, but couldn’t find an appropriate topic to post it in.

Because the appropriate one had been closed.

EDIT: Appropriate topic (this one) now reopened


I wish we could have more than 5 cards, 10 would probably be better.


+1 for this. It’s much needed


What about 5 for Plus, 10 for Premium, would be fine for me :grinning:

No no no, why should I have to sign up for two lots of insurance I don’t need or want so k can get 5 more cards! Just no


Conversely, why shouldn’t Monzo charge more for more things that we do want? They’re not a charity after all. There’s a balance to be made there and I don’t know where it is.

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Ive never said they shouldnt charge to for what you want, however like you’ve said there’s a line somewhere. What I will say is Plus is essentially a software package and should be able to improve the software package rather than fork out what would be an extortionate fee for me because like many others I have no need for their insurance at all!


Exactly, let me have a plus addon for more - e.g. an extra £1 a month gives me another 5 virtual cards.
Rather than an extra £10 for insurance for an already insured phone, travel insurance that won’t cover me (asthma), airport lounges not where I (rarely) fly from/to.


Plus plus £x seems unlikely to me.

The pick and mix idea didn’t work for whatever reasons and I don’t see it coming back, unless Monzo can fully outsource it, like the RAC deal.

Ideally they’ll put them up for Plus and Premium, but otherwise if you want more, you’ll have to upgrade I think.

I guess we will get virtual cards on joint accounts some time in 2122?

It’ll be much earlier than that.

But only just before crypto wallets become the de facto way to pay a way through life in 2029, followed by trading time for goods & services in 2052. ‘Time’ as in how long you get to live. Or not. Sci-Fi nailed this one - the ultimate currency.

Then we’re off to colonised Mars en-masse in 2082 with big hair-do’s and electro-pop classics as a nod to history to pass the long-haul boredom. Sleeping in ‘interplanetary’ (coach) in our carbon-fibre exo-bodies on the way with the most up to date, personal CONSCIOUSNESS.DAT file installed*

*other .DAT files available, purchase through the very-dark-cloud for x time-debits

You heard it here.

Oh, and I’d love Joint Account parity ASAP please.

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Think you’ve put this in the wrong place :eyes:

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Oops sorry have deleted.

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What does everyone use there virtual cards for? Any examples? I have one for subscriptions and struggle to see any other uses, maybe its just my mindset of always having buffer of money in my current account, where as with virtual card you only have the amount in that one pot.