Monzo Plus: Virtual Cards

To create burner cards for random, crappy websites. To rotate numbers so that large data aggregators can’t snoop on all your purchases. For, yes, subscriptions. And to keep the more-trustable online cards (Amazon or whatever) separate from my physical card so that in the case that I lose said physical card I don’t have to update a ton of places online.

They’re really quite brilliant.


I created pots called ‘Spending Money - [child’s name]’ for each of the kids, then created Virtual Cards which are funded from the pots. Then I added the relevant Virtual card to APay/GPay on the kids phones, so they can tap & spend their own money when out & about. The pots are auto-topped up via scheduled payments each week.

It’s a decent alternative workflow to GoHenry/HyperJar/Revolut.

This, plus the 1p challenge is the only real use my Personal Account gets


Very good idea, we only have one of our three children at the pocket money age yet, and a fiver cash does for now, good idea for future but.

I have four all linked to their own pots…

I have two for subscriptions, one for monthly and one for annual.

I have another that I pay my quarterly bonus into and spend from on treats for myself.

Finally, I have one for car expenses for work usage. Mostly fuel and sometimes new tyres and whatnot. My car allowance and mileage rate that I can claim back and then put into the pot is usually way more than what I actually spend, so over time I’ll also use this pot to buy my next car.

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Really like the bonus idea, might use that myself.

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Bill splitting on virtual cards makes zero sense. Why does the initial payment come out of the pot, but the incoming payment doesn’t go back in the pot?

Also, there’s lots of messy behaviour with Summary when you use virtual cards. Seems like bill splitting on virtual cards isn’t really designed to be done.

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I kinda think that bill splitting (and shared tabs) probably need to be rebuilt.

They don’t work well with Summary/Trends, don’t work with bills pots/virtual cards, don’t work with connected accounts and you can’t have a shared tab with someone that doesn’t have a Monzo personal account.

I think this is probably one of the things that would need to be fixed to let joint accounts be proper citizens.


Is their a way to get my virtual card payments from a pot to appear on my main feed? It’s slightly confusing seeing the transaction on the pot it self rather than my main feed

This was designed in this way because that’s what people wanted. You’d have to purchase on your main account card for main transaction feed

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