Monzo Plus: Virtual Card from a Pot

This would then virtual cards from good to great!

Ok i’ve voted for this also. Does need to happen this.

This is how I would like to see it work, Per Card/Assigned Pot. Let use decide behavior depending on how they would like Virtual Cards/Pots to function. Does kind of cross with Limits assigned to VC

  • Only authorise payments “IF” money is available in Pot, DO NOT fall back onto Main account balance i.e. Reject Payment.

  • Authorise payment from Pot IF money available, if not then attempt to take from Main Balance (Like DD From Port Behaviour), if not able to take from Main Balance then Reject Payment

Now I would envisage these Pay VC from Pot would have to show up in the Main Account Thread, just like DD’s payed from pots do for accountability since pots are not actual accounts.

:+1: this so much! voted


this would be perfect for my montly subscriptions, I could simply top up the card at the beginning of each month with £20 and then I could forget about it. I think this would be a great idea and this is the main reason I got so excited about the virtual cards

I do this with my iTunes subscriptions. I load up my Apple account with the monthly total, and let Apple take care of the payments.

I’m slowly transitioning to using my Starling account for this.

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Echoing what others have mentioned already in this thread, I feel like Monzo Plus is a work in progress rather than a finished product.

  • Being able to link my other accounts is a brilliant idea, however, my credit cards are not currently supported.

  • Virtual cards are also a brilliant idea, however only any use to me if I can link them to a pot, to use the Salary Sorter to separate my bills and have them come out separately. One of the main reasons I moved to Monzo was for the Salary Sorter to move everything in-house, instead of transferring to a separate ‘bills’ current account and this would finish it off.

  • The credit tracker is handy, however most credit agencies don’t use transunion and there’s not tons of detail, especially for a paid service.

  • The ‘offers’ are good also, however they do not seem exclusive but more like a leaflet I might get in the post. Similar to what others have mentioned, a cashback with selected retailers scheme would be much more attractive.

Despite this constructive criticism, I have joined Monzo plus both to support the bank which has an exciting future, and because it has promise and will be great. Keep up the good work and I am excited to be a part of what is in many ways the cutting edge of fintech developments.



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Exactly it’s a great base to build on, I happily commited to the minimum 3 months to add to the “this version’s the one” signal and see how it develops. I don’t think I’ve seen any request for plus that can’t fit in to either “how about this tweak” or “add support for this company”.


This feature would be excellent. I already send subscription money into pots and have the pain of moving them out on time.

Would be awesome.


I don’t know of any other financial institution which could provoke this sort of behaviour and I’m still not comfortable with the concept.

Sure, in 1s and 2s it won’t make much difference to anything but on a lager scale this could seriously misdirect development.

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It would be useful to set my bills pot as a source for a virtual card since i could set any non direct debits to point to the virtual card. The would mean at the start of the month id have the exact amount put into my bills pot automatically and wouldn’t have to worry about those pesky bills like Apple Music that can’t be paid from this pot to begin with.


Duplicate of the heavily voted up thread already here:

Add your vote there :slight_smile:

Pots should have their own account details too which I’m sure has been requested.


Not sure I agree, I think that would simply add the confusion that I have escaped by using many bank for different purposes. 1 account, 1 number 1 great product is how it should be and all enhanced by the magic that happens in the monzo labs. :slight_smile:

Also voted this. It would be such a killer feature to help me get my expenses budgeted and organised


Yes, yes and yes again but in bold!!


@richardcadman any idea if the regulatory ducks (for virtual cards from pots) are lining up?

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I miss the days where Monzo were more transparent about where in the process of a potential feature they were. Now we just sit and hope that something like this will happen…


The pattern that is emerging is suggestions with around 300 votes and above get their attention. So I’d say this one has a bit to go yet before we hear anything from Monzo.


Just voted, definitely a great thing to have developed in my opinion