Monzo Plus - Small Scale Trial

I’ve read this thread with my mouth wide open, it’s a tiny test of a few options, I really don’t get the walling and nashing of teeth on this. When the thing rolls out to a wider set of people, the deals with be better as there is more scale, and the options hopefully will be better.

As for the Legacy banks wouldn’t do this, really? Have you seen some of the garbage they’ve pulled and keep pulling?


Spot on. I wonder how many ideas the big banks have pitched internally but never followed through with. We’ll never know because they would likely never be as transparent as Monzo has been.

If you have a Monzo account but never visit the forum, you would likely be blissfully unaware that any of this was going on. I can understand being a bit disappointed that the small-scale trial of a plus account missed the mark, but it’s not like it has been rolled out to everyone or forced on people. Like any “product”, if it isn’t good enough, it won’t sell. Chances are, version 2 will be better than version 1.


The ideas forum of “what does Monzo premium mean to you?” had me thinking the offering would be much more customisable and pick & mix. I’d love this. From what I read nobody likes bundling because you feel like you are paying for things you don’t want/need. I’d like to be able to turn insurance off and on. I’d like to select gadget insurance but not phone insurance and vice versa. I love hot coral so wouldn’t choose the card in my pick & mix.

I’d definitely sign up to elements of the offering but I won’t be signing up to a bundle. I’d rather just buy each thing separately and know it’s exactly what I want. The current test does feel very much like what legacies have been offering for a long time. I haven’t used any of their bundle offerings and wouldn’t use a bundle offering here either.

What strikes me is the emotional response I get to tiered offerings. There must be some psychology in it. I get a real sense of avoidance to tiered products. They all feel like a compromise. My thinking goes like this:

  • “Top tier is too expensive”
  • “Bottom tier doesn’t offer me much / I feel like I’m buying the rubbish option - I don’t want rubbish when I can see the offering can be so much better”
  • “I don’t like middle tier because it doesn’t have that thing in the top tier that I actually really want”
  • Cognitive load rises, I get frustrated and say, “Ah heck, forget about it”

Looking forward to seeing the next iteration.


Virgin Money have before they joined with Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank were trialing with staff first things but normally banks just give you what makes them money not benefiting you the customer so it’s about time the monzo offers to change that and gives you what makes your life easier and better so if a hot corral card in metal makes your life easier then they should give you it

This is an interesting move. I’m not enamoured in the slightest with free merch and different colour cards. Travel insurance is good and I like the Emergency Cash idea but everything else is gimicky rather than functional.

I asked COps if they’d change my link and they did for no charge, so it’s a little silly to see that it’s now a ‘premium’ feature. Disappointing on the whole.


Hi everyone :wave:

We just wanted to drop in and say thanks for all the feedback so far. We’re reading every reply, and it’s all helping to inform the next steps for Monzo Plus. The thread is getting a bit heated, so we wanted to post a reminder about what we’re doing (remember: this is still a very-small experiment) and a summary of the feedback we’re hearing from you.

Earlier this week, @luba shared an update on why we’re doing this test and what we’re hoping to find out. Give it a read here:

And here’s a summary of what you’re telling us here in this thread:

1. You like the new card colours…

But maybe it’s a lot to pay…

2. You don’t find the current travel insurance exciting enough

3. And you think it’s over-priced

4. There are some questions about whether the supporters package offers enough value

5. And you asked whether the people that signed up during this small trial are locked into the payments

To answer that last question: yes, the people that signed up for the offers are ‘tied-in’ to them. They’ve agreed to pay what they’re paying and we don’t think it was unclear. But we’ll give these people lots of notice if anything changes about what we’re offering them (say, we add something else to the bundle). And again, it’s a very small number of folks.

Please do keep the feedback coming. This thread is really important to us and we’re reading every post. We want Monzo Plus to be the best it can be and feedback from you, our most passionate community members, is invaluable - as are the insights from the people receiving and taking up the offers through the app.

So we’d love to keep this thread open. It’d be great if you could help us with that by not bringing in unrelated discussions (please create or join another thread for those) or repeating the same points over and over. Thank you!


Random thought but - quick poll… forum users - are you part of the trial?

  • Yes, I’m part of the trial.
  • No, I’m not part of the trial.

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Someone above mentioned how we don’t even know how many forum members are included in it - so yeah. Let’s see?


This is hilarious. 35-0.

The internet can be ugly sometimes.


Very much so…

For the package without insurance etc… yes.

I don’t want/need a Monzo t-shirt, however… for a different coloured card… a one off fee would be better
(and hopefully a better quality card)

2 and 3 sort of merge together for me. Probably more… not enticing enough. When compared to RBS £16.99 gets us this stuff Edit: Should add… 16.99 covers the wife and I… plus if we had kids

Not bothered about points 4/5

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I think, personally if you were going to offer a subscription to change card colour, being able to choose the colour and not from a set list would be more enticing. But I do like the colours and can see that they “fit” the Monzo branding.

I think that £3 x 6months = £18 isn’t actually that bad a value when you look at what you get and not just see it as a card colour change - but maybe it can be a separate offering and not lumped in with the “Monzo Plus” branding - just my 2 cents.

I think as others have said things like it covering winter sports (optional), family as well as maybe adding some more personal choice into it would make it more exciting.

I think that is the core issue with the offering - on the face of it its not bad, until you see the cost. Although I think it is unfair to compare with the likes of the Nationwide FlexPlus account, the offering is just too expensive for the vast majority (not to say it isn’t suitable for some).

I think this is the same question as 2 really, as the product is a “package”.

I don’t personally see a problem here, you’ve explained the terms and that is all you need to do. Other banks who provide mortgages know they will be offering new fixed-rate products or new innovative mortgage products, but don’t say “oh no you can’t possibly take this one up right now as it’ll change” - things change all the time and if you like the look of this deal and are offered it, you’ll take it up.

I think that offering a more pic n mix style package would be more exciting from Monzo - I can see the added cost in managing this and getting it to launch but I feel otherwise it’ll just get lost in the big wide world of package accounts that are currently offered by the legacies and fin techs alike.

Either way, I’m excited to see Monzo reach out into different areas and products, not everything is going to be a hole in one and I’m keen to see the development.


N26 are £14.90 for metal subscription I’m giving up on them cause they are saying I never cancelled when I did and they are trying screw me out of 10 months off £14.90 not going to happen I ain’t paying one penny to them and I believe my life lies with monzo cause I can do more with monzo than I can with N26 and I’d rather pay for extras I want and willing to pay for and not just expect the bog standard most banks give you and monzo want just say tuff you gotta pay and monzo will work with you to fix any problem treat you as a person and not getting the money first and saying if you don’t pay it will effect your credit rating that’s how N26 are treating you cause they said you don’t pay £14.90 you will make your credit rating go down cause they will charge it and put you in to unauthorised overdraft intentionally and make you default and report it cause they don’t want you to cancel or close account just pay it now they say monzo have best customer service they will find a way to say yes to all your requests and aren’t driven by you must pay it now attitude that most banks operate

Are cards print to order, or is there a pile of hot coral cards with numbers and everything on waiting for a name to be stamped on? How difficult is it to print a photo onto the cards like Barclays do? I’d be way into that for, say, a fiver one-off

For me it’s better to pay one off fee of £20…
£3 contract for 12 months - :poop:

I also have a current account with Natwest. I lost my phone on a night out in London, had a replacement in under 24 hours. Excellent service.

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£11/month for insurance and £200 extra :wink: has someone done the maths - seems to be a little :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Not very constructive

Should have added

If this came with phone insurance - sign me up ! Even if it’s slightly more

I currently pay £14.49 per month just for phone

+1 for this if the price is right


‘Botched’ is a bit much. It’s very clearly a trial. Perhaps such forceful criticism could be made of a full rollout, but not now. These partnerships perhaps were easier to get arranged in a short timeframe than others. Gadget insurance is a very obvious one and something I’d personally be very interested in, but I’m sure Monzo knows this. Give them time at least.


I think it’s only 6 months? So would only be £18 - but I can see the advantage of it just being a one off payment.

Maybe. I’d say it’s like calling a half-built house botched. Is it really representative of the finished home when it’s a pile of bricks and wood? Probably not. I’d agree with you if what’s broadly on offer now is representative of the finished Monzo Plus, but somehow I doubt that. It’s just some ideas that are easy to knock out now to see if it’s worth expanding on, from what I can see.


You can definitely botch a half built house.

Builders get kicked off jobs everyday up and down the country for a poor first lift.