Monzo Plus: Pay off credit card with a click

Seeing as my account and my credit card are now connected, wouldn’t it be nice if I could just tap on the Credit Cards section and click pay [ £— ] to pay it off?

What are the community’s thoughts on this? Would people like to be able to pay in a more integrated way? Is there some issue with the way banks normally handle this that stops this step from being taken?

With most credit cards, I think you can pay the balance by Direct Debit. It’s what I’ve always done, anyway.

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This is actually a feature they were looking/are looking to add.


occasionally i have needed to keep a balance on credit cards and pay off as soon as able,
but with reward cards i like to pay as soon as it clears, it saves from the trap of having a balance on the card and the cash sat unused, as i’m the sort of person who would overspend through seeing the balance in the bank and not remembering what it’s needed for.

if i could do a quick transfer like this i’d find the feature really useful

Agreed this would be a useful feature, do you know if MBNA and Tesco will be added?

I regularly use faster payments when my bills come through. It’s sometimes easier than remembering to have money in the account, for a large bill.

I don’t think it would be that much work to allow you to link faster payment details to a linked credit card account!

Quick question. Does :soon: imply that this feature has been approved by Monzo in the community forum?

Thank you!

No, it’s become a bit of an in joke really. It means ‘some time in the future.’ Maybe weeks, maybe months. Occasionally, even soon. :+1:


In a forum topic it’s generally an indication that Monzo have acknowledged something as being ‘in a plan’ somewhere.

It doesn’t carry any sort of time promise.