Credit card pay off help

Hey all,

i was reading the Monzo Mission and i liked the fact that they are trying to make using your money easier and to keep track of it.

i myself got stung with Credit cards (i wont go into detail) but i have a-lot of credit card debt and a very bad credit as a result.

i was thinking it would be good if Monzo can link with the credit card and tell you how much and how long is left for you to pay it off including the APR on the card.


Defo think this would be useful feature!

In meantime, there is sites like where you can link all current accounts and cards into a dashboard to get a snapshot view! (Doesn’t support monzo but it’s good for the cards in one place)

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Off the back of @Dannytc post , Emma App is a popular alternative for linking accounts to view spending, there are some dedicated threads about the app on this forum.

It’s always worth remembering the in app support team are happy to talk about any issues you’re facing and may be able to help :slight_smile:


see I personally hate things like Emma/Chloe etc, they are overly invasive and bombard you with messages. I was thinking that as we see the finances and marketplace develop in-app it could be a useful feature. I’m definitely going to check out @Dannytc suggestion though