Paying recurring subscription payments from a pot automatically

Hey Monzo,

I love the idea of auto pay feature from pots which was released a while back, but it’s completely useless to me. I have a joint account which all my regular bill direct debits come out of but for my personal pot the following list are what I would class dd’s…

Apple iCloud
Google Storage

These are payments that come out of my account literally every month without fail and right now I have to manually move money from my dd’s pot into my bank account and to me it makes no sense.

When I try to set up the pot to auto pay from the pot it says because it’s a card payment and you don’t know when it will charge me but surely Monzo can work out that every month on the 14th Spotify take £14.99 and it should come from the pot.

This is a classic example where the idea is on point, but the execution actually falls very short of the user needs. I might be a one off here, but I imagine a lot of people with Monzo accounts also have similar subscriptions to these services.

Until this is added, the process is super manual and I always miss one or two dd’s each month.


If you have a search this is covered a lot.

Monzo don’t know exactly when they will present to charge you for them. Just because it was the 14th last month doesn’t mean it will be this month, or at what time. With direct debit they know in advance it’s coming so they can move the money a few seconds before.


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But do they need to know. It doesn’t need to actually pay from the pot but all I need it to do it move £14.99 from my DD pot to my main account. This can be after the payment comes out if it needs to be.

I just want to be able to move my subs money aside and have it move it back when needed.

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If there’s enough money in your account then you can do this yourself with IFTTT.

I have issues with IFTTT, who tried to charge me £10k p/y for a developer account so I could publish my roundup applet only to then release the same functionality for £199 a year.

I don’t trust a sneaky company like that to know what I have in my bank account. Monzo should be able to do this. I haven’t had new features for what feels like forever.

You could also set them up manually yourself. Set a recurring payment from a Pot back to your account of the specified amount on the certain date (not sure if you can do time too)

It will take a bit of set up the first time as you have a few, but after that you’re sorted.

I’ve looked in the app and I genuinely can’t work out where to do that lol

Click into a pot, then withdraw and under the “Withdraw from Pot” in the blue banner is “Set scheduled payment”

Then you can select the amount/frequency etc

I only have Plus for £5 going out for mine so I don’t bother, but I would if I had a lot of them.

I’ve used the app for years and I would never have found that without your help. Thanks


This is how I pay my Monzo Plus subscription. It’s not ideal but it works .