Curve help

I have heard alot about curve recently and just wabted to know from people if it’s any good ??

They have their own community which you may find useful.

A very different product - not a bank as you’ll see.

I really rate the concept. They’ll admit, though, to being on a journey as far as the overall package is concerned. Much smaller community than Monzo’s.


Thank you does look very interesting

There’s a long discussion here - you might want to start at the end!

I tried it and I stopped as it doesn’t have Apple Pay

U stopped as it has apple pay ??


I tried it and stopped as did not find it very useful after all.

Concept is nice though, I suppose.

Been using it for a few weeks and It’s been really useful to be able to just carry one card on some occasions.

Will certainly stick at it for a bit longer, haven’t found any downsides yet.

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Word to the wise. I’m a fan, but always take an alternative cars with you. You never know…:flushed:

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I don’t think there are very many. You lose Section 75 protection, there may be fees for usage abroad, and if you use American Express, it can’t be added (at the moment).

Edit: as @Demmedelusive said, carry two cards. Nothing works perfectly 100% of the time.


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