Monzo Plus makes the app slow

I recently upgraded to the Plus subscription. Since then the app refreshes its data so frequently that it’s almost unusable. Every tap results in a delay where it used to feel instant, and I spend a LOT of time tapping and swiping the screen to see if anything will respond.

Has anyone else noticed this?
Is the Monzo product team aware?

I’m heavily invested in using the categorisation feature now having spent hours categorising my past year of transactions: one… by… one… due to no bulk categorisation feature. But I’ll cancel the Plus sub if it makes the app this slow forever.

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Have you added a lot of accounts?

Bulk categorisation exists. It prompts you every time, but isn’t available for transfers.

Monzo has a suspected memory leak atm. Seems to be related to the trends feature, and plus elevates that feature. The more data that gets cached the slower it gets. You going back a year to categorise everything is certainly something that would trigger the symptoms of a memory leak bug.

Are you on android or iOS?

For iOS quit the Monzo app (flick it away from the multitasking interface), then head to settings > Monzo > toggle on reset session. Then launch Monzo. You’ll need to sign back in again but it should restore the app’s usual speediness for a while.

If you’re on android hopefully someone can come along and tell you how to do this for android. The fix should be the same there.

Monzo are aware of performance issues with trends and a fix is due soon. I don’t know if it’s related to, or the same issue relating to the suspected memory leak, but from what I gather, there seems to be a close link, so I’m making that assumption.


Definitely feels like the problems a memory leak could cause. Just to get into the community here it took 3 tries as the app crashes when I tap the help icon at the bottom.

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Just one external account added. I can’t get my credit card in there as there’s no Virgin Money open banking integration yet.

I did use that feature to mark similar transactions as the same category when changing some. It only seems to work in the main Monzo accounts, not external ones.

What I need is to select a load of transactions & bulk add a category to them all. That’s a common interaction that people generally understand but it doesn’t seem to have risen to the top of the Monzo backlog.

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I’ve always just fired up in safari to come here, never via the app.

I suspect you’re on iOS - cos right now the monzo app is unusable on iOS, even with overview turned off and non plus. It’s slow, unresponsive and hangs.

I’m hoping a major performance update comes soon

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Many thanks for the reset session tip, that’s new to me & has indeed sped up the lag :muscle:t2:

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Follow my reset session tip above in the meantime. Should get the app running smoother for you again for a while.

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Referencing my recent Android monzo app use, I think this potential mem-leak issue is iOS only - I’m not seeing any performance issues on Android so far (Premium)

But if you do, you can clear the app storage & cache, force-stop, uninstall the monzo app, re-install the monzo app and login again. Should you need to.

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Plus member here, never seen any performance issues with the app since I started using it about 6-7 months ago.

Maybe I dreamt it, but I think I remember @Peter_G mentioning experiencing similar performance issues and IIRC, they’re on android. Assumed it was a cross platform issue, not that I should be surprised at this point if it is just iOS users who are affected!

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Weirdly I am not able to recreate any issues on iOS (normal summary) flipping through lots of trends on my 13 Pro.
Flipping through the months is fast enough (could always load data a bit quicker but it’s not super slow) and not coaxed it to crash yet.

Yeah, I’ve been having performance issues, isolated to Trends. It’s a bit better now, but there’s always a lag moving between periods. For a while it was taking seconds each time, or just hanging. Now it’s about a second of spinny wheel, but it’s much better.

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Try scrolling back a couple of years through your transaction feed?

It’s transaction caching that seems to trigger it for me.

I just scrolled as fast as possible back to the start of my feed and it was fine for me and fast. Then I switched to the joint account did the same then went back to mine and rescrolled all without issue.
V weird.

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