Monzo Plus - here's what's coming next!

I’ve changed mine and can request via that to change it again…

Not clickable here either .

Interesting, that wasn’t clickable for me when I had my previous issue, hence contacting COps. Now it is. :open_mouth:

Just sent a request. Expecting it to be rejected after what happened before but worth a go! :crossed_fingers:


I have figured it out !!!
There is a new Monzo app update . Once you install it, the customised monzo me link in the Manage my plus membership tab is clickable :grin:

I don’t see why it would be rejected for being too short. Think it will just be another case of confusion like when someone wanted /batman.

You could always go for – Send money instantly through a link too :slight_smile:

That belongs to @Dannytc :slight_smile:


Are you using iOS ? Sometimes I have to pull down the update tab a few times in the AppStore to get the updates show.

That was it! Never had to so this before but just upgraded from 7 to XR with latest iOS so maybe that’s it! Thanks

Changing the URL in app is definitely new, never seen that before :open_mouth:

Perfect :blush:
2.52.0 here we come :slight_smile:

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Josh is taken :frowning:

I signed up for Plus pretty early too just didn’t take the initiative and get my URL changed, sadly. Don’t think I ever got a feed item prompt

Could be someone internal at Monzo who requested it? Pre-Plus you could get it changed just by asking COps and they’d sometimes do it.

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I’m sure i’ll live (:

Finally had my invite to sign up for Plus. :smiley: Was mid-meeting, so I had to go through the flow pretty sneaky like… Is there a Plus+Investor design coming? I kinda don’t want to get rid of my Investor tag now I have it… I like how I have the choice between what card design to border though, including stock plain!

It could be that it all got mixed up whilst discussing the other options so very possibly down to confusion!

Sent a new request now the DIY feature is available so we’ll see. :eyes:

I think you’re right, the last time I checked must have been before the most recent update. I have auto updates on so just checked and it was clickable.

I’ll message COps and we will see who gets it quickest. If I win, I’ll sell it to you :wink:

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Haha, game on. :joy:

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I managed to get Monzo.Me/Andy

Happy with that.

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Might be a bit of a stretch but maybe offering Monzo wide offers to celebrate the launch of Monzo plus. Like discounts at Cinema’s or points when Monzo knows you spend at a specific place (similar to perks at work except points are stored on your card/account).