Monzo Plus fails to auth the API Playground


This always worked on the standard Monzo app. However, now when using the API Playground to auth and and get an access token, you enter email address, follow the link in email to validate, this then presents the following screen (correct):

But the Monzo plus app does nothing, no item appears in the feed for you to grant the final access to the token you have been given in the previous stage.

This makes the API Playground unusable and removes this easy way of getting an access token setup, authenticated and granted access to your account.

I need to use Monzo Plus because of the amazing google sheets interaction, but i need the monzo API playground to create a webhook that triggers my cloud functions to poll and refresh from the information in the google sheet.

This problem is persistent to me - please can someone / or monzo verify this bug urgently ! :slight_smile:


Hi Stuart,

I don’t think this has anything to do with Monzo Plus I’m afraid!

Can you double-check you’re using the right email address, please? The user ID you included in your screenshot doesn’t seem to be linked to a Monzo account. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the prompt, yea was my bad. There was a browser extension overwriting / autocorrecting the email address just before submitting. Thanks to you saying the Account ID had no corresponding email address i scrutinised it to a finer level and saw it switching out before i submitted.


I’m surprised that the auth flow would go that far if the user isn’t even registered. Is there any reason why those aren’t rejected immediately?

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