Monzo API returning 401

Hi I was using the monzo api in python and all was going well and things where working as expected.

I couldn’t remember how to use pots, so I logged into the playground online. That work fine.

I went back to python to implement pots and now when I try and use the API it returns a 401 saying Access token has been evicted due to a login elsewhere

I have logged out of the playground with no success.

Any ideas?

if you ask someone in the Slack channel you will probably find more assistance than in the Discourse community.

If you grab a new token (using the normal oAuth flow) does it work?

This can be re-use of the same Secret/Token on a second machine. I have seen this when I switch between a laptop and desktop for developing using the same API details. The HTTP Error codes can be seen here - - of which 401 means unauthenticated.

Going back through the re-authing steps will solve the problem.