Getting Started with Playground API

I have recently opened a Business Pro account and want to get started with the Playground API. This is what I am doing:

  1. Open “Monzo Developer Portal” webpage
  2. Click “Continue to Login”
  3. Enter my email then check my emails
  4. Good news - emailed received
  5. Open the email and click “Log in to Monzo”
  6. Developers page opens but message pops up “Please open your app to allow API Playground access to your account.”
  7. Check my phone and nothing asking me to accept request.
  8. Anything I do on the Playground page returns “forbidden.insufficient_permissions”

If I do similar to open the Monzo Web App a message pops up which I click to authorise - this seems to be missing for Playground API.

What am I doing wrong?

No one?

Is the developer portal still a thing?

I opened up a Monzo account specifically as I need an account with webhooks.

If you’re lucky a member of staff from this specific area will see this and provide some support (or a tech savvy member of the public) but generally support is not offered through here.

Normally you’d be directed to in app chat to get help, so perhaps try your luck there. But I wouldn’t hold your breath because I don’t believe it’s something they provide support for.

Same here, nothing pops in the app, I remember weeks ago I did the process and it worked.
Also I am trying to create a new client in the OAuth thing, and not working too…
Tried in Safari and Chrome, clearing cache, etc…

I am waiting for someone to get back to me from the business support team via chat
so fingers crossed.


Maybe the API is broken then. I will keep chasing and report back.

It was working yesterday for me. Not much help, I know :neutral_face:

I’m not up to date with what’s required for business accounts, do you have a personal account?

Turns out that the Playground API only works if you have a Private Account. I just had a business account, but as soon as I added a private account, I got access.