Monzo mortgage / remortgage

Does monzo mortgage / re-mortgage, I wonder. I understand only via brokers?
// I need to remortgage for my shared-ownership flat, not really a finance wizard, thinking monzo might offer good alternatives to what I have on the table atm.
Thanks for all advice - Much appreciate.
This is Grit ‘hello’:raised_hands:

Hi @Grit! :wave: Monzo don’t currently provide any mortgage services unfortunately. Hopefully one day! There are a number of online brokers though that may be worth looking at such as Habito who did a Q&A here recently.

Good luck!


Thanks @anddh - Hopefully one good day :crossed_fingers: . I will look into online brokers, thanks for highlighting "Habito and their recent Q&A here " Much appreciate.
/ Any experience with them?
To good luck :four_leaf_clover: :female_detective: and beyond :woman_astronaut::smile:

You’re welcome! :grinning:

I did try it, in that I got them to give me some comparisons and they looked pretty good. I don’t know why, but in the end, I felt some strange loyalty towards my bricks-and-mortar mortgage broker as he came as a recommendation from a family member and it was my first remortgage.

Next time though :+1:t3:

Thanks Andy.
Good to know.
// I feel some even stranger ‘loyalty’ to my current mortgage bank, as they had been the only ones that made a mortgage work for me at that time (no broker was able to help me, as I was in-between PT contracts at that time, the bank directly offered me a mortgage and has been supportive) It is my first remortgage and I already have an offer from my bank; a friend of mine encouraged me to see options. So here I am.

Will see Habito!

Thanks again & Have a good weekend.

This topic is over a year old, I would guess that they’ve found a broker by now :sweat_smile: