Monzo Overdraft & Loans

I wonder if McDonald’s style stars next to each COps name will help. You can then identify the new starters from those who have way more experience :thinking: :wink:

I can imagine them getting reward stars for good effort from squad captain and used for promotion. But probably a bit harsh to open with I only want to talk with at least a three starer. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah I feel that’s quite common these days, I can’t tell if that’s me turning into an old grumpy git and fed up with peoples half-arssed approach. :joy:

In specifically Monzos case most questions need escalating to the right dept so to be fair to them the first responders probably only have basic knowledge and limited powers to action or access certain info.

I think the key issue has come about from Monzos rapid growth. The first batch of staff knew everything inside out and grew up with the business and that can do Monzo attitude. :unicorn: :rainbow: :hugs:

They then had that shit we need more staff, hire all the people! moment where you then get everyone who just wants a job, where their heart isn’t in it and filling a position of if the answer isn’t on this laminated A4 then escalate. (I know they go through the same training and paid the same). On the whole are trying to be helpful, even when providing no actual help. A lot of businesses that don’t care get those that really couldn’t give two shits.

I really wish they overhauled how the chat works and how the staff interact between themselves and customer to resolve a query. I’ve posted a few times on that, recently in this one. Just nuke the current version and make a better version that does what they need it to do. Not just UI but the whole structure behind it. They spent all that time working out the new version of the app and how to future proof the interface etc. I would have hoped someone went blimey we’ve forgotten we had a chat system and we don’t have branches, maybe we should look at that. They still seem to be unpicking Intercom from their internal system but a year of so later its still a bit of a mess. :man_shrugging:

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