Overdraft availability?

Evening guys

Just a quick question, is there a time frame before you can get an overdraft at all, I’m wanting to utilise the switching facility but because I can’t get an overdraft I’m having to run with two accounts :frowning:


That’s one for Monzo folk to answer definitively, but my understanding was that the length of time you’ve had your account doesn’t matter. Your credit report and salary are, I think, the things that do.

There’s probably much more to it, though. And Monzo have said they’re starting out conservatively and will refine their approach over time.

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Have no idea. Monzo offered £1000 overdraft for my unemployed wife… and £100 only for me… I have been pre approved for £5000 overdraft by Barclays and Nationwide. Monzo refused to increase overdraft for me. So monzo is unsuitable… will use other bank account.
Opened NatWest current account few days ago and they offered me £4000 overdraft… so I have no idea what Monzo checks… they not asked for my income ever…