Monzo not working in the Dominican Republic

Which banks in the Dominican Republic support Monzo? There’s a previous thread from people in Punta Cana saying it works there but I’m in a different town on the island and even in places that accept Mastercard my Monzo rarely ever works - either to pay for things with card or to withdraw cash. Is there a way I can know where it might work/be accepted?


Do they use chip and pin there or is it mostly swiping cards?

You can try turning on magstripe cash withdrawals in the app. (On Android) Underneath your monzo card click account, then scroll down and turn on magstripe, I believe it turns off after 24 hours and you can ask support to make it stay on for longer.

Are the transactions showing up in the app as declined?

Thanks, I’ll try that! It’s chip and pin here. The attempted transactions don’t show up in the app at all.

Let us know how it goes.

Although if it’s chip and pin then I’m not so optimistic that turning this on will help, see if they will let you swipe in the shops if it’s still not working, but if nothing is showing in the app then it means monzo aren’t getting anything from the merchant at all and will have no data to troubleshoot with.