🇧🇧 Monzo in Barbados

Going here at Christmas
Any one had any experience/comments as I believe most machines are still the old swipe ones!

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I wasn’t able to use Monzo card in ATM in barbados

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Any particular ATM brand or location?

Hmm i cant remember but it was a few - I believe this is because they use magstripe ATM withdrawal which either Monzo or Wirecard don’t support

Edit - link to existing topic confirming Monzo will not work with magstripe ATMs:

It was the same with my Revolut card - not sure which prepaid issuer that uses

Is it possible to use Monzo in the Caribbean. Specifically Barbados?


Why wouldn’t it be? It’s a mastercard…

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So I should have no issues using it in Barbados save?

It will be accepted anywhere that accepts MasterCard.

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Wonderful!! Thanks for clarifying :blush:

No worries. The only hiccups I’ve noticed with Monzo is certain self service petrol stations (known issue) and one i haven’t personally experienced but if a cashpoint does not accept chip and pin withdrawals but you will be prompted by the app to turn the feature on in your settings and try again.

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Is the strip issue at ATMs still a problem in Barbados? Going there next week.

Hi, did you have any issues with ATMs in Barbados?

I’m here. No problems at all. Bank and shops. Enjoy.

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Just returned from a trip to Barbados and saint Vincent…card worked perfectly…

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Cash Withdrawals at The Republic Bank are fee free.

Many Places accept card transactions but roadside vendors and small local shops/bars do not so cash is needed for those instances.


Any exchange fees - did the machines allow you to pay local or US dollars?

Most Payment Machines are in Barbados Dollars and Some in Duty Free Stores ask if you want to covert to US Dollars.