Monzo Monthly Update: October

It’s a little less simple if you only have one account

Open another one with your most local high street branch?

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Sorry to at you again @bea

I understand that there have been a few announcements in the past few days (Tabs, Cash Deposits, Savings Pots to wider test) that could have made the announcement a little trickier to do this month

Just wondering if we can expect an update this month?
Monday will mean over 1/3 of the month has passed already. Is this a new way of doing things (via the new making monzo stream) or has this month just been trickier to round up than others due to these new announcements.

Don’t mean this to come across poorly from my end, if so I apologise.
I just find these monthly updates to be my favourite means of communication from monzo and look forward to them at the beginning of each month.


You’re right this month’s been a very busy one – but your monthly update’s definitely coming! You can expect it first thing on Monday, with my apologies it’s so late :tired_face: