Monzo Monthly Update: September

Last month we came to the end of our Big List of features we wanted to build. Check out what we managed to squeeze into August, and what we’ve got planned for September - in our latest monthly update!


Such a busy few months gone, congrats!

Looking forward to the iOS improvements alongside interest on pots :honey_pot:.

It’s wise of us to remember not every month is going to be rammed with new end user features. :bowing_man:t3:‍♂️

I know a lot of users are expecting a big list 2 / improvements on the first version but I’m confident these will come in stages over time.


Good update - It’s actually quite nice to see Monzo doubling down on the basics (iOS app improvements), and not promising too much for the near future.


Bit sad to see the term “keep working on” rather than delivering being used but I like the confirmation that they’ve taken the feedback seriously on bill splitting for non monzo users :slight_smile:


Thanks for all of your hard work guys! :smiley:

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This month we’ll bring better bill splitting to everyone

you’d like the option to split the bill with people who aren’t on Monzo too. The first version we launch probably won’t have this feature yet


Please do NOT make this live without taking non-Monzo users into account. From what I’ve read of the labs board about this change, this bill splitting with Monzo users only thing completely replaces the bill splitting, which I currently use, as all the friends I would otherwise split bills with are not on Monzo. If you want it to graduate Labs, fine, just let me turn it off and keep


Does this mean that while iOS is getting lag improvements, Android will get a chance to catch up?

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Thank god that iOS improvements are coming, the app is painfully slow & laggy at times. Almost as bad as the Lloyds app… :sweat_smile:

Yeh, a link with Paym and/or would make it much easier to use more widely. Even a way to SMS the sort code and account number might be helpful.

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You can already share account details into SMS, Messenger, etc. Go to the “Account” tab, tap the big bar at the top with your picture/sort/account on (not clear it’s a button, but whatever) and then tap “Share account details”. It copies the whole lot (bank address and BIC too) so you’ll need to trim it down. Alternatively, from the same screen, you can tap and hold on sort code and account number and copy them over into an SMS, etc.

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