QR codes (+ mockup)

Hi all! I saw an idea on the old Ideas Trello and decided to make a little mockup for it, hope you like!

The basic premise of the idea is that every Monzo user will have a unique QR code generated for them. This is similar to how apps like Facebook Messenger and Kik generate QR codes for their users, except for Monzo it will be scannable by any QR app instead of just the sender app itself. This is because is primarily used by non-Monzo users to pay Monzo users, and as such they will be unlikely to have the Monzo app to scan it with.

The first image demonstrates a feed item telling the user that QR codes are now available to them. This could link to the QR code itself or a page that leads the user to their QR code.

The QR code is be accessible from multiple places, the first place is the Profile page. This is easy to reach from anywhere in the app and is therefore ideal since users will probably be using this feature often.

This is what the QR code looks like, it has the Monzo gradient with the logo placed directly in the middle, immediately introducing the payment sender to the Monzo brand. Despite having these colours, the QR code is still fully scannable and usable. This page could also have a “Share your QR code” or “Save Image” button.

You could also access the QR code from the Request screen - this flow makes sense as it’s where users can also find their link when they want to request money from someone else.

This page stays faithful to the current Request screen, but removes the profile picture from the middle (the person using this screen will usually be the owner of the Monzo account, so there’s no real need to show them their own face!) and replaces it with the QR code for easy scanning. Tapping it could make it bigger.

Hope you guys like! Please leave suggestions and comments below :slight_smile:

This is super cool - nice mockup! I do however think QR codes are dying a little, and I find it much more convenient just to send my payee a link!

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This is great! Would be nice to see something like this implemented, especially if your username is long or hard to remember


Thank you! :smile:

I see what you mean - I send the link a lot too - however I think if paying someone back in person it’s so easy to just swipe the camera open and scan a QR code than have to fiddle around with messaging a link or having your recipient type in a long URL, as @jaaack suggested users with long usernames may have to do. I appreciate the feedback from you both! :smiley:


Absolutely! Keep us updated with any changes :slight_smile:

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