Charity QR Codes

Similar to the way the “pay it forward” is used, I imagine it would be possible to create a QR code for charities to securely accept mobile donations.
At work we have dress down days and all donations currently have to be cash (and I imagine a lot of street and shop collections are the same), if charities were able to stick QR codes to the sides of buckets to accept donations then this would eradicate the need for coin only collections. It could also open doors to adding the code to posters or newsletters and bring collection to the modern world.
I know for sure I would use this as I don’t currently carry cash for any other purpose than work dress downs. With the introduction of the charity category, this would be a great way to introduce a complementing feature that I imagine would give Monzo a great deal of media coverage for implementing. Even a simple “supported by Monzo” on each sticker would get the word out whilst working with a lot of different charities all at once.

You can half do this in pingit already. For example you can scan QR codes for payments. And can create charity pages etc. But I’m not sure how you generate QR codes specifically for payments.

I mean you can do this fairly easily with online QR code generators and a link:


Yes I am aware of linking a url to a QR code however offering it more native would streamline the process and possibly allow for more customisation of the if that could be the basis of this

Yeah you can make generic links fine. I found the page for Barclays, you can create a payment QR code what pingit can pickup. But looks like this feature is specifically for businesses to create for fast payments.

You’d want something similar a direct payment qr code which takes you to a payment page in app for the charity.

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