Say Happy Birthday

Now with Monzo being the personal bank then maybe they could just send people a Happy Birthday message.

I know other businesses do this, typically offering a discount or some other way to try and sell you something.

I just think it would be nice to be a bit more personal and if they want to give a small discount on a sticker or shirt then thats fine but if not I think it might be nice to just wish you a nice birthday.

Thoughts? Also not particularly technically difficult.

Update: Could be an email or a notification, its the thought that counts


That’s a nice idea, a crazy idea I know as it will cost Monzo money so won’t make much sense financially, but maybe Monzo could pop £2 or so with a little note saying have a drink on us if the user has been with the bank over a year and has used their card every month? I know Monzo isn’t planning on paying interest so this may be a nice little way to say thank you for banking with us.

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My birthday is in 7 days so… let’s get cracking on what these gifts might be :rofl:

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Mine is in 12 days. Let’s hope for a fast implementation of gifts :joy:

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How about £1/year for every year you’ve been with the bank? Unless they invent immortality then it should be financially viable

An even better idea would be if they didn’t do this :bulb: :wink:


I’d point out that I’m not in favour of a monetary gift, I just think it would be personal to get an email wishing you happy birthday :stuck_out_tongue:

As an investor I don’t think giving you a small amount of money is a practical use of funds (that’s what elderly relatives are for) :wink:


If every account (bank or otherwise) sent me a birthday message, the number of messages would be greater than actual friends. I cannot cope with that.

Then someone will have the idea to they need a message to celebrate your account opening anniversary. I cannot cope with that either.

We do apparently get a little cake on the forums :slight_smile:


Happy cake day @coffeemadman


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Personally, I’d rather my bank not remind me I’m low on funds on my birthday :joy:

Maybe an overdraft-free day? 1 day a year forgoing the charge.

That said, I like the idea of an e-card or nothing at all just as much :slight_smile: