Monzo loans and credit reporting

How are loans with Monzo reported on credit files? Are they listed as Short Term Loans? They are, after all, quite short term. (I know higher lending values are coming, and therefore must be longer terms too, but I would image the current offering would stay in the interest of making money work for everyone…)

Being heavily involved in lending criteria for a living, I know that a number of mortgage lenders won’t touch a customer if they have used a short term loan in the last 12-24 months as these are normally payday loans (usually conservative ones that also won’t touch a customer if they’ve used an overdraft in the last 6 months).

I am not looking for a loan but it would just be interesting to know this for everyone else considering this if there is such an impact or not.


Probably best off asking in app for a definitive response, replies could take a bit if you mark it as not urgent.

Definitely interested to know the answer to this

Hey @iratefox :wave:

I was just browsing around the forum and saw this post and wanted to confirm and let you know that the loans with Monzo are not considered as short term or “pay-day loans” even though they can be very short term and as little as £200.

Monzo loans show up in the ‘Financial Account Information’ section of Noddle (whereas pay-day loans show up in the ‘Short Term Loans’ section)

Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions! :slightly_smiling_face:



Just to be clear Monzo will only appear on services that get their information from Transunion.
There’s some more information in this thread if you need it.

Reporting to other Credit Reference Agencies is hopefully coming early this year…

Thanks - it’s good to know.