Monzo Labs: Pay anyone by text or email

(Martin Jones) #21

I cannot see this I’m on latest version and a beta user

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #22

Definitely on version 2.28.1 on Android? :slight_smile:

If so, the feature lives in Labs - you’ll need to enable it before you can see the button popup in the Payments tab :smiley:


Agree with points above.

Payments should leave immediately or show as a pending transaction. Simplified URLs would be nice too.


Personally I think it’s great marketing. Demonstrate how cool your bank is and then offer them a button to get involved. The extra tenner is even better!

(Liam) #25

With you there, this would stop me using this feature with anybody that I don’t know closely and I can explain what’s going on to.

(Bruno Vaz Moço) #26

@lmcm What do you think could help the receiver to be more comfortable with using the link on their own?


Agreed. I was excited when I heard about this feature, but as it stands it just looks like I’m sending spam to friends. The ‘join monzo’ side of this really needs toning down.

(Ben) #28

This sounds great - I assume that once the link is used it’s dead and done?

Are there any limits to this type of sending money?

If I were to accidentally put the link public (or the person I sent it to) - would freezing my card stop any transfers?

With current support times being a bit impacted - and the speed at which people tend to use links that have financial gain on the internet - I do think there’s a solid need for instant cancellation.

Would it be possible to show the outgoing transfer as a “Pending” greyed out transaction? (not sure how the feed items show on the link) - something similar to when a DD is due to come out - you get a few days notice?

Just on the referall £10 bit - does the £10 only come in when they spend using the physical card, or any outgoing transaction? The copy in screen 909 says “Card” - if I was a new user I would assume physical card - so may be worth clarifying?

I think removing the “Refer a friend” option from this screen would certainly help(!!)

(Jolin) #29

For me, I’d be more comfortable if the Sign Up to Monzo button wasn’t in a different style from the Use another UK account. They could both have a blue ‘default button’ background, or both be plain buttons, I don’t really care. But the way it’s presented now looks like I’m trying to trick the recipient into signing up for a new service.

I’m likely to use this feature with people I don’t know very well (because I already have the bank details of people I know well that I need to send money to). So I don’t want it to look like I have ulterior motives in sending them the money, or that I’m somehow signing them up for something. I don’t mind that this promotes Monzo (in fact, I think that’s good!), I just don’t think it should be pushing people so hard to create a Monzo account. It means it doesn’t look like I’m simply trying to pay them what I owe, and would certainly discourage me from using this with people I’m not close to.

(Ben) #30

I think that’s a great shout and I agree completely - both options should really appear as equal in terms of style and importance.

The current way it looks reminds me of those “unsubscribe” boxes - where the big bright bold box is the “KEEP ME SUBSCRIBED” and the smaller less colourful one is the “Unsubscribe me, I don’t want any great offers anymore” type of shitty deceptive design.

Not saying that this is what Monzo is doing - but I never liked the “let’s put two buttons in different colours” feature.

Edit: This kind of “bad unsubscribe function” comes to mind:

(Liam) #31

@jzw95 explains it well I think. I would feel dirty sending a link to a page like that - it feels like a marketing tool with a feature slapped on instead of a great feature with a marketing angle.

Personally I’d prefer that the button styles were switched, with the Sign Up to Monzo button demphasised.

(Bruno Vaz Moço) #32

This is all great feedback thank you very much! :blush:

We all agree the website should not be deceiving, but I don’t think that’s the case as it is. It’s not just about opening a new account, it’s about receiving the money on Monzo vs a legacy bank. In this case it’s arguably better for your friend to receive the money in a new account because we’ll add £10 to whatever you sent them. Then for future payments you’ll be able to use Monzo-to-Monzo payments between the two of you.

If you consider that your friend can signup in less than 5 minutes, get a £10 bonus, add spend the money immediately through Apple Pay and Google Pay I don’t think it’s unfair to give this option more visibility. The layout of this page is something we’ll definitely run a/b tests in the future too to see what works best.

(Jolin) #33

The £10 bonus should be enough incentive, without prioritising the button. I know that if I received something like this, I would feel that it was more a marketing ploy than someone trying to just pay me back. And the 5 minutes is only if the person has some identification with them and can do the video recording etc. Obviously I’m only one data point, so it will be interesting to see what your a/b testing shows, but I think the optics of the current layout look worse than the intention. @lmcm said it perfectly for me that it should be “a great feature with a marketing angle.”

But really appreciate your engaging with us and considering the feedback in any case!

(Ben) #34

I don’t think it’s necessarily deceiving - but there’s certainly an ‘implied preference’ in how the buttons are laid out - which is obviously to drive more user to Monzo.

As others have said, chances are if it’s someone I send money frequently, or know well enough - I’ll either already have them set up as a payee, or already have a monzo account to transfer to. And I’ve probably already had the conversation with them about how great it is.

For the less frequent payees and one offs - I likely wouldn’t get into the conversations of banking and personal finance. Just want to send them money.

On the ‘arguably better’ bit… I wouldn’t neccesarily know if who ever I’m sending money to would see that.

“What do you mean, it’s better for me to open up a new bank account just so you can send me the £15 you owe me? Just enter by bank details like a normal person”.

My friend can already spend the money I would send them via FPI immediately, through their existing debit card / apple pay anyway. It’s literally no better for them than Faster Payments to their normal current account.

Sure, a Monzo account may be a great thing for them - but if another bank had this same screen (that I didn’t bank with) - I would be wondering what my friend is trying to sign me up for.

Looking at this from a “How do I receive my money as effectively as possible” angle, vs “how do I send it as a monzo user” would lead me to a different solution in terms of layout.

(That’s too much chat for the colour of a button… And I do love that this is a feature you’re making - but hopefully you can see where I’m coming from!)


I was trying to suss out a polite way of saying “it’s not deceiving, it’s just tacky and spammy” but I couldn’t manage it. So well done.

(Ben) #36

I think I need to use this line at work more often!

(Bruno Vaz Moço) #37

Absolutely! :hot_coral_heart: We’re all aligned on trying to build something that’s really useful, fair and transparent.


Hmm. Just a little bit of feedback: you’re gonna need a back button option/arrow. Pressing back on my phone browser exits the flow/browser.


My inclination is to suggest you don’t promote signing up to Monzo at all in the initial interaction.

Keep the transaction very simple and fast by asking the recipient to enter their bank details. Then once the transfer has been initiated provide a confirmation screen or confirmation email in which you promote Monzo and provide a link to sign up for an account.

(Liam) #40

I think it’s currently poor from the point of view of both people involved in this interaction.

  • The person receiving one of these links doesn’t and shouldn’t care which bank their mate uses. (By all means advertise yourself, but don’t emphasise it over everything else.)
  • The person sending the link shouldn’t have to look like a pushy brand ambassador in order to use a great feature.

But like I say, I think this feature is going to be awesome and fills a gap in an elegant way. :hot_coral_heart: