Monzo Labs: Ordering Accounts and Pots

Not quite sure how much more of an answer folk are after

That was only three days ago and it’s Saturday

I know testing various from release to release but maybe an average or the spread. I.e. testing is usually 3 weeks or 3 months

Even if testing was a week, if a flaw was found it has to go back for the fix, then you have to start the testing from the beginning again, so having provided a date would mean you then have to return to the forums and say it’ll take an extra week, and then if you find another flaw…?

It will take as long as it takes.


Any update on this?

yes, it was announced earlier

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Have a look in this post from the team…

Basically, coming to labs in Android this week (beta) / next week (non-beta) in 3.11, iOS sometime in the future.

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Oh just seen this haha!

iOS sometime in the future :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

This is finally in Labs :hugs: on Android anyway.

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Then have the pot in your personal account rather than joint account

It is in my personal account.

So when is this in labs for ios?

Ordering accounts is live, pot ordering/hiding is some time away

Works great so far

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On iOS?


This looks great!!

Didn’t think they started iOS yet? It’s not in labs on the latest TF edition.

Guess we are one step closer to pot ordering now

Started what? Account ordering is in labs, pot ordering/hiding is some time away

Not on my iOS yet has anyone got it on their iOS already then?

Looks such a good feature been waiting patiently for this for sometime :roll_eyes: