Monzo Labs: Export your data 📁

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This has gone from Labs (iOS) but cant find the feature in settings to download my data. Has it gone completely?

I just went to export my data from the Monzo app and also found the option had disappeared from Labs. It was a useful feature, does anyone from Monzo know what the plan is? @cookywook, @daniel, @simonb? :crossed_fingers:

The support section states that you need to contact them if you want your data. Not sure if this has been changed as well?

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We’ve temporarily taken the data export tool out of Monzo Labs. Unfortunately in it’s old version it wasn’t SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) compliant.

But don’t worry, it’s coming back. We’re currently staff testing a new version which is both SCA compliant, and exports much more data, so you really will be able to export all of your Monzo data.



Very exciting, thanks for the update!

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