Monzo Labs: Easy Bank Transfer

It’s great to see some new features being introduced to the app! And as @kieranmch mentioned, this is only the beginning.

I’m just not sure if this feature is one that will help make Monzo profitable – their aim should be to get people to make Monzo their primary account. This is mainly for people with money in other accounts who want to transfer a bit of money to Monzo, and won’t incentivise getting paid into Monzo


Just tried it with Tesco Bank. worked as expected. money took 10 mins to arrive, but thats the same as if i did it with them. always been a delay.

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Great feature. Tested it and when it was switching back to Monzo from my other bank (NatWest), it stalled on the log in, Face ID (iOS) didnt operate and I had to press ‘try again’

So far working well with all my accounts. Really slick interface

Usuccessful transfer :slightly_frowning_face:


  1. Select the bank the the transfer amount
  2. Taken to Natwest app (Latest version)
  3. Entered passcode, selected account and confirmed amount to transfer to Monzo
  4. Then I’m taken to Safari browser which provides link back to Monzo app
  5. Goes straight back to inital screen where I input the amount of money to transfer

May be a silly question but screw it. Is there an easy way to transfer money between my Monzo current account and Monzo business account? Perhaps I’ve missed the way to do this.

Edit: Easy transfer works via Natwest now! Awesome

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Thanks for reporting this. Are you logged in in the Natwest app? Are you on the last version of their app?

Tested with Santander, worked great.

HSBC all slick.

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I was prompted to log in to the NatWest app when initiating the transaction (and I logged in successfully). It’s the latest app version.

Nice feature.

Tested with joint monzo account transferring money from a joint NatWest account. All went through smoothly.

Great work team :balloon:

Tested with First Direct, worked well :+1:

Looking good!

Could this be expanded to add money directly into a pot at some point in the future :pray:


Worked no problems with Barclays.

Can I suggest implement the option to choose the reference of the transaction if possible


Tied it with Nationwide, first time failed.
Second time worked fine.

money arrived instantly.

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That worked flawlessly with Lloyds. Bravo!

I was expecting to have to enter my account login etc (Which I’ve long forgotten) so glad it just switched apps and got FaceID to verify.

Barclays - “OBA19 Sorry this feature is currently unavailable. Please try again later.”

edit: probably because I moved phones recently, under Settings > 3rd-party permissions there’s a dialog that the feature may not be available for 10 days :frowning:

edit 2: Confirmed this is the case

Another successful test with First Direct :+1:

What, erm… what’s the point of this feature? Is this supposed to be useful in its own right (if so, how?), or is this merely an early test of opening banking and aggregation tools (in which I can completely see the benefit)?


I have a pending replacement card so I don’t have access to the add money button, does anyone know if another way to access it?

I can access this new feature via the monzo labs feed item.

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Nationwide all good, although I had to select what I was paying for in a drop down and then tick to confirm I wasn’t the victim of fraud.

One thing (which is a Nationwide / Confirmation of Payee issue): I transferred a pound then transferred it back using the link on the incoming transaction screen. Because Nationwide present incoming payments as surname first it then fails CoP outbound, even when you’re just using default values. Which seems a bit odd.


So you can top up in app rather than the faff of opening a different app and doing it from there