Fintech friends: Monzo partners with TransferWise for international payments

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Seems like this will roll out today

Monzo is (finally!) rolling out international money transfers
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Now that IS great news. For me, anyway.

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Remember when companies used to announce things themselves :grin:

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Cue Monzo’s Blomfield to caution me not to get too caught up in the London fintech echo chamber. “Most people in the U.K. have never heard of Monzo or Revolut or TransferWise,” he says

The boss-man gets it, even if some of the users don’t. Exciting times though! Especially if it means one less app to use now.

(Harry) #5

Looking forward to this, hoping they support AUD at first!

(Simon B) #6

Sometimes you announce stuff yourself, sometimes you let great journalists like Steve have the info because they would have found out anyway :wink:

(Carl Barrett) #7

Only 18 currencies. That’s very poor considering how many TransferWise have on their own app.

(Bruce) #8

Functionality is pouring out of :monzo: at the moment …

(Jack) #9

Impressive! I didn’t think this would be launching quite so soon :+1:t3:. For some reason I expected it to arrive towards the end of the big list.

Although it’s not a feature I’d use I’m pleased it’s here for those that will :clap:t3:

(Jolin) #10

Great news for transfers out, but the article doesn’t mention receiving transfers from abroad. I wonder if this will be part of the integration? Hopefully Monzo’s announcement will give full details.

Hello Monzo, TransferWise here! [Discussion]

I can’t believe they didn’t share it with the community first… outrageous.


Great news but is this just for sending money out or will se be able to receive as well?

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I was SO tempted to mention this, but these things go down like a lead balloon round here… :joy::joy::joy:


Lolz… Allow me…

(Jack) #15

:joy: personally it doesn’t bother me as long as it gets announced


Doesn’t bother me at all how any company does it, I just enjoyed the irony :slight_smile:

I love TransferWise tho! :slight_smile:

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lol off you pop then :slight_smile:

(Richard Cook) #20

And here’s our official announcement!


Look forward to testing it out - You say “if you need access, let us know” - Who do we ask?

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