Monzo Labs: Connected Credit Cards

Tomorrow is early June. Tomorrow works for me!

(I’m probably off-beam here but I’m expecting a mega-announcement some point soon: app changes, New Plus etc all rolled into one Big Bang).


Yeah some serious change is a bit overdue

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I think you might be right, Tom leaked that they are releasing Plus soon (1 tier)
Kieran has mentioned this is coming soon
Credit score is having an update about that early June

Hopefully June will be a big month for Monzo

I’ve been expecting the same tbh so :crossed_fingers:

I am prepped for disappointment though. Maybe not in terms of features (although that’s yet to be proved), but in paywalling.

Back on topic to this thread, I think there was a suggestion in the Android tear-down that there might only be one connected (bank?) account available. Maybe it’ll be a fremium model where you get to play with one accounts, but only get multiple ones when you subscribe?

More specifically, part of me does wonder if the credit card integration is going bye-bye in favour of bank accounts. Certainly the tear-down seems more relevant to current accounts. But, I suppose, we’ll see soon, hopefully!

(I’ll also be interested to see if the payments screen gets any love. If the integration is as deep as it looks like it might be, there will be payments functionality, which is hopefully a good excuse to both fix the payments screen - and make it work for multiple accounts. But that’s off topic for here!)


Based loosely on what you may have seen on the forum, is there any amount you would be willing to spend?

Broadly undecided, really. I’ve currently got the FlexPlus account, so give me something in that ballpark (I’m interested in the phone and travel (ha) insurance) and I’d be interested.

I’m not a fan of paywalling features, but if they’re truly compelling and innovative, I’d give it a look - so I’m keen to wait and see.

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Is this a feature for all customers? I tried to find it in my app and just got help pages saying they use TrueLayer. It’s not in my Monzo Labs tab.

It came and went from labs a long while back now. It remained running for everyone that had it already at that point and there was a help article ‘work-around’ for access after that but I think it’s slowly been scaled back. I’m sure I read that some people had lost access in the last couple of months.


Cheers @Feathers

I suspect that this feature may form part of the new Monzo Plus/Premium Account.



Very nice, looks like Monzo need to get their skates on

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Monzo need to get their skates on in many regards. Revolut and Starling have been going strong while I honestly can’t remember anything new since Monzo Plus failed… and that’s been almost over a year. But hopefully :soon: :tm:


They did release the ability to see your credit score in Monzo… Oh wait the rollout of that was paused…

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100% agree with this. I feel like Monzo is really starting to loose ground to other challenger banks and traditional banks.


I don’t think they have actually confirmed it to be paused

It almost certainly is through

Still finding Credit Cards super buggy, I cancelled out of adding a nationwide credit card to my monzo, so it’s obviously failed but monzo wont let me delete it. Hitting the delete button causes the app to crash.

I find the current balance of relatively little use. What would be far more interesting for me is the spending since the last statement and what my last statement amount was. My main concern is an I likely to be spending more than last month?

Big update to this coming soon. Looking very likely to be by the end of July

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