Monzo Keeps stopping

My wife’s Razer phone updated overnight and she cannot now access the app.
Monzo Keeps Closing
Tried uninstalling etc, no good
Obviously urgent, any ideas?

What happens when she tries to open the app? Crashing or an error message?

Monzo Keeps Stopping error.
Doesn’t even open.
Get the report app, send diagnostics message

Ask her to phone the number on the back of the card

My iPhone was doing that this morning, after updating to iOS 13.1.3 last night. Restarting the phone seemed to sort it though.

If it’s urgent, while waiting for a response you can use :slight_smile:


I’ve been having quite a few crashes recently just after opening the app too. Latest iOS update.

Seems to have been a security update rolled out by razer, that was installed overnight, that is causing the issue