Monzo is losing money?

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I mean… Most start-ups lose money for a good decade, I’m not surprised that Monzo is still working on it.


This is covered by the annual report, I believe. Where Tom says that the focus is having a strong business in the long term rather than profitability in the short term (or words to that effect).

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This thread could have emerged last year and the year before

Looking at the tables at the back of the annual report it seems that all cash flow positive figures are on a good trajectory upwards, but in the cash flow negative figures a moderate rise in operating costs (buildings and tech) plus a huge increase in staffing costs actual drove the gap bigger

As @HoldenCarver says above, Tom specifically mentions that as a decision they made deliberately and that seems reasonable to me

Just been checking in on the borderline glee at the other place though



  • Monzo has grown more than double in a year
  • Has over 2.3 million customers compared to ??? last year
  • Consequently had to increase tech and headcount to accommodate those increased users

And the loss has only increased by 17million? Looks pretty damn good to me!


This headline did grab me this morning.

Quite surprised City AM took this spin on the headline despite pretty much every single tech start up having quoted a loss so far.

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It was expected, though. News is nothing if not predictable in a lot of ways.

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Due to all the marketing costs I read. They must have planned for these losses.

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Yep, that’s what all three rounds of funding are for. Until they start making money they’ll keep needing investment.

This is why I keep my legacy banks. Until they start making money I won’t be putting all my eggs in one basket so to speak

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Having read about a MUCH larger company having massive losses and IPOing at 23 dollars I don’t think this is anything to worry about