Monzo investor card - design concept (By Brice Corbin)

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Virtual cards and premium paid for metal cards. I’d like to see both.


Metal cards would be cool. Especially if there was a way to change how expiry dates work.

Virtual cards is already a thing with Apple/Google pay. I just don’t have a fancy enough phone to use that yet…

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Good work, but I feel like it’s waaaaaay too corporate.

Monzo is a counterpoint to the old banks.

This kinda looks like an amex platinum or a fancy hsbc card.

I want some mental crazy stuff, cos I’m an investor.

I’m not pulling out the pink card of fun, I’m pulling out the bad-ass bank disruption card.

Yeah, that’s right, I invested in breaking central banking principles.

Monzo for life.


Here is a design I done but only posted in the other thread redesigning the Monzo card

Here is the post again:
Whilst not a designer but a marketer I think the hot coral has to stay just like Monzo say. I love everything black and would jump at having an all black card, however this is Monzo’s brand.

The design isn’t anything ground breaking, it’s more of an update of the current version. Trying to achieve the hot coral is a guessing game as Monzo don’t have any official brand guidelines. Also as nice as a white MasterCard logo would be it’s not possible based on their guidelines.

I also stuck with the horizontal version as I don’t think the vertical version adds any value apart from looking different and more like a hotel key card. Plus I have a card holder as my wallet, so “monzo” sticks out nicely and is 1. a good conversation starter and 2. easy way for me to find which card I need.

Personally I think the Monzo :monzo: should be on the card to help enforce the brand more. And should be changed similar to the app depending on what status/account you have.

But yeah, here is the design and my thoughts.


Now that I prefer.

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It is so cool to see so many new ideas for Monzo cards! Thanks a lot for taking the time to do it :hot_coral_heart:

To give a bit of an update, we’ve only recently started to work on what a new design system for what our cards should look like. Things like our future business banking will require new cards so we’re working on something that would allow us to create new “kinds” of cards in a sustainable and consistent way and without breaking any of the things that make our current cards great.

We’ll be sharing updates soon but I can tell you we’re looking into pretty much every aspect of what makes a card a card. Colours and inks, materials, finishes, magnetic stripes and signature boxes, embossing techniques (now that we have Google and Apple Pay it’s not that important to make the card camera-friendly), questioning what information we need printed on the card and what we don’t, etc.

We’re literally looking at every option to go and make our cards even better (not different, but better). Stay tuned :wink:

Card embossing
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Environmental impact of plastic vs metal cards
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Why don’t you make it so that people can customise their own card? ie. “No Number”, “No Signature Box” etc. And maybe a choice of Metal (£5 premium?) vs Plastic?

:thinking: I’d definitely pay the one-off extra for a custom card :eyes: even if it’s £1 extra than Monzo would pay (ie. More ££ for Monzo)


I’m definitely a fan of moving the card number/expiry date to the back of the card :blush:

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What about activating a physical card in the Monzo app? That still requires it to be camera-friendly, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t want to return to the days of typing numbers in!


You will like Android. Just needs a tap at the back of the phone and done, no camera pointing :joy:

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I’m so glad that we can use NFC on Android :heart_eyes:

Makes the process seamless :tada::grin:

(@SC95 beat me to saying it :joy:)

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Really nice design Jack!

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Don’t change it. Keep it the original card! Shouldn’t discriminate against those that didn’t invest.

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Carbon fibre would be better. Stronger, lighter and more premium. It can be still plastic that looks like it.


Could always have a QR code?

(Jolin) #107

Could do, but if the aim is to improve the visual design, I’m not sure that would do it for me! Though given that Monzo control both the card and the app, they could have the card number printed somewhere in a nice font, and programme the app to recognise it (i.e. they no longer have to worry about generic card number recognition by the OS so there’s more flexibility).


I think a small QR on the rear would be tidier than a card number.

That said, I guess we would still need the card number for online payments on websites that don’t take Google pay or PayPal.

(Jolin) #109

Yeah, I don’t think the card number can disappear, there are too many times when you need it (also ordering over the phone). I assume the aim is to get away from the standard, blocky, inflexible embossed card number and be able to apply a bit more intentional design to the number.

(James Prince) #110

Very valid point!