Monzo Investival Ticket Swap

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to secure a ticket to the Investival event in London this Saturday - so thought I would start a ticket swap thread in case those with a ticket are unable to attend last minute…

If any ticket holders no longer attending can post a message on here so that they can handover their ticket to someone else who can take their place then hopefully no tickets will go to waste :raised_hands:

In any case I hope all my fellow monzoers who end up attending have a wonderful time :hugs:


Hi Mel,

Which track were you interested in attending?

If anyone has a spare ticket for the Building the Product track, I’ll be happy to take it off your hands. :slight_smile:

Hi @simonb, thanks for getting in touch. I had hoped to attend the Building Monzo the product stream if possible?

Hi @Melli91 - I think a few more spaces might have opened up due to cancellations - please take a look!

@simonb amazing thank you so much! Managed to secure myself a ticket to the Building the product stream.

My ticket states the address as CodeNode however from reading previous threads on here I believe this is actually the location for the Business stream instead, whereas the Product stream is taking place at the HQ? Could you please confirm?


Whats the policy on bringing plus ones to the event? Will my non-investor partner but Monzo user be allowed to tag along? Or is this strict? Thanks

Pretty sure the answer is going to be “strict”. I mean, a ticked event is a ticketed event.

I wouldn’t turn up at a gig and as if my non-NIN-fan partner could come in with me; or at a football match and ask if my doesn’t-support-the-team partner could come in with me :joy:

No +1’s I’m afraid!

Stalking me much? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ve got my Pretty Hate Machine shirt on today!

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Hey Mel,

Registrations are happening at CodeNode at 10am for both streams. Once that’s done, please head over to our HQ.

More info is here :grinning:

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I’m no longer able to attend the product investial tomorrow. If anyone still needs a spare ticket then let me know and I can pass mine on