Investival - make it a regular event?

Thanks so much to the monzo team for the great investival event. It was very insightful and the vibes were brilliant.

Is it planned to make this a regular event?


I believe the closing comment from Simon on the product side was “see you, maybe next year”


We’re all really happy with the way that today went. It gives us a great step up for events in general.

So we hope to do more events like this in general for sure and not just Investor-only ones!


Hi @simonb ,
Super! Will the other session recordings from today also be published or only the last 2 hours?

Many thanks

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Hi guys, did all investors get an email or invite about this event? I’m an investor but had no idea this event was on, would’ve loved to come!

I think I recall reading that you needed marketing emails turned on to get the invite emailed to you. (Though the links for getting tickets were posted in the original investival thread on here well in advance of the event)

I registered my interest after seeing the link at the end of the first and only investor focussed email newsletter - all it ultimately did was cough up the link on the day that appeared here on the forum, so it did not result in me finding out anything additional

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