Monzo inline savings advertisement when

Today I sent some money to a savings account hosted by a third party. Afterwards I noticed a new “advert” for the monzo savings pot inline under the payment.

When clicking on it it takes me to the UI to add money to my existing savings pot.

Main issue is there is no way to remove this advert, even after opening and closing it. Very annoying if it is going to remain there, especially when I get a better savings rate with the other provider…



This is another one of the things Monzo are doing that I really can’t stand.

It reeks of desperation and is so ignorant of context, it’s almost tone deaf.

In what world is someone who transfers their cash to Marcus for 4.6% going to be tempted by an advert to keep it where it is for much less?

I doubt very many. I wish they’d stop pulling inorganic crap like that.


Hell, I moved money to another current account to pay my plumber and got this stupid advert. I’m sure my plumber would be thrilled if I didn’t pay them because “Monzo told me that my money is better off in their savings account!” Tempted to bin Monzo off once again.

Take your stupid ads and interest rates and shove it where the sun don’t shine.


I’ve just noticed they have Monzo Plus too. You’d think then, that Monzo would show them the Plus rate? Which is in fact competitive with Marcus, and might entice the customer to actually take them up on it?

But still. Advertising in this way is just trashy.

I got the same. From a tech/application angle this has potential, but using it to advertise like this isn’t a good use.

  • If you tap on the ‘upper half’ of the transaction, it takes you to the transaction
  • If you tap on the ‘lower (advert) half’ of the transaction, it takes to to a transfer screen, to move money from your account to a savings pot

No need.


For me the more annoying part of it is no way to remove it from the feed


Also, why put it on an outgoing transaction? That money’s gone. Would make more sense on an incoming payment

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I can see both sides for this:

  • outgoing transaction - gentle reminder to keep money within Monzo rather than move it out
  • incoming transaction - don’t spend it, move it to savings

And both aren’t necessary. The last thing anyone needs in a banking app is subliminal steering - based on what the bank thinks can be steered.


The whole thing is awful and I hope someone from the savings team will come in and explain what class A they were consuming the day they came up with this idea.

But otherwise an outgoing transaction is money gone. People need to make payments, that’s one of the purposes of having a bank account. They’re suggesting that people shouldn’t ever pay anyone from Monzo?

Next time you spend £5 at Greggs you’ll get a pop up saying you should invest it in Greggs instead…


FWIW Monzo are not the only company to do in-line ads, Barclays did for a while (might still do). But It’s a crap way to advertise and actually could cause someone distress - lets say you were paying off a large bill and it’s going to leave you a little tight for the month…

‘DiD YoU KnOw ThAt OuR SaViNgS RaTe Is BeTtEr ThAn PaYiNg To HaVe A wOrKiNg CaR’

I think this also talks to the fact there’s an element in Monzo that actively takes feedback, here and elsewhere, and an element who genuinely thinks everything they do is perfect and we should be grateful they did it. This falls into the latter camp, I think.

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