"Sandra's Tips"/ThinkMoney

I keep seeing an ad on Facebook for a page called “Sandra’s Tips”:

From the ad, it implies it’s some sort of article about the top “smart” current accounts.

Clicking “Learn More” or the link in the post takes you to this page:

The “Current Account Checker” then asks a variety of questions, before supposedly calculating which account is the most appropriate. No matter which options I pick (I’ve tried several variations), this screen appears:

Basically, it seems like this is either some Guerilla marketing from ThinkMoney, or someone spamming their referral link through Facebook (doesn’t look like that to me though…). Either way, using the (almost) hot coral card in the ad, and the Monzo logo on the “Current Account Checker” page doesn’t seem right to me. Indeed, in the comments on the Facebook ad some people have tagged their friends saying “this is the bank account I was telling you about” etc.

Should someone from Monzo intervene? Maybe @simonb you can shed a bit more light on the legalities of this?

I saw this on insta a week ago too

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I’d like to work with them to give financial advice.

It’s a dear do!

£10 monthly fee for a personal bank account, £15 if it’s a joint account! Nah, I’m good thanks!


:rofl: “Two beautiful girls doing selfie with shopping bags and credit card”


I’ve also seen this ad in my news feed. It certainly resembles Monzo, but never leads to it so surely there are some technicalities here that make this sort of thing frowned upon. I mean, sure it’s free advertising but if it’s not giving the option of Monzo, but instead an alternative, that doesn’t sit well with me.

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Yep, super dodgy. I’ve been trying all kinds of variations and it always* results in italk for broadband and thinkmoney for bank accounts.

Is there a rule about comparison sites that don’t compare? Must be something, surely?

*I mean I’ve not done every possible variant, I have a life you know.


Thanks for sharing, I’ve raised this in the monzo Coral Crew chat :slightly_smiling_face:


I keep seeing this in my feed too.

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