Monzo in the media

The list (now with Monzo but still a few small banks missing):


I do wonder how impactful this feature actually is. I suspect the people most likely to fall for impersonation scams are also the people most likely to not know or not recall that this feature exists.

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It’s more visible now than the article says, and people don’t always have to discover it for themselves:


I spotted this on Reddit today and couldn’t work out whether it made any sense or not.

I’ve never had a JA with Monzo so don’t know how easy it was to make a pot in the wrong account.

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100% user error


Compensation culture gone mad it seems. Monzo fixed the error @Revels that’s why you have the option now. But there was no material loss so they’re just having a go so they can gain a fee bob


It’s always been like that.

Reddit is better than the cinema.

The thing that always gets me in these threads is the complete lack of personal accountability.

“I CliKeD On ThE WrONg ThInG ANd NoW My Gf Is PiSsEd As ShE CaN SeE I CoUlD HaVe PaId FoR LaSt NiGhTs TaKeAwAy”



At first I thought GF did a runner with the cash or something but no, they could just see it briefly due to user error.

Do the terms / various screens you see differ for personal and joint accounts?


Out of all the things that didn’t happen, this didn’t happen the most


How do you know?

Inconvenience is also a factor when deciding goodwill.

It’s easy to portray a high level of distress over text.

It’s also easy to give someone £x to shut them up instead of “you’re having nothing, go to the ombudsman” which costs jeez knows how much now. £650+?

Although FOS also failed to uphold the complaint according to the OP. So either FOS saw things differently or they did just conclude there was nothing worth any compensation.

Theres no record of the complaint on the FOS website at the moment although they do run 6 weeks or so behind.

In general, personally I think if you have a joint account with your partner you should probably be prepared to share your financial information with them. I do love Reddit for the gossip and in this case you can’t help but wonder why someone was so keen to hide the amount in their savings account from their girlfriend and what actually happened when she found out about his secret savings :joy:

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It’s generally 3 triggers.

Distress, inconvenience and financial loss.

The FOS would look at all 3 and if it’s not inclusive of them all it can dismiss it.

At bank level, some will go outside the box and use a mixture, financial loss is always forefront to resolve (so could never be missed off), but you can also use initiative to maintain that relationship.

Such as distress and inconvenience could warrant an application of goodwill if it felt appropriate, however it’s not guaranteed because all 3 triggers weren’t hit.

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I believe that the FOS website only publishes appeals - so where they have come to a decision and one side or another appeals.


Yes, once it’s got to the Ombudsman.


What’s the TL;DW please?

  • insurance and pensions mentioned
  • this community gets a nod
  • TS ‘turned on’ by the Monzo direction before joining - ‘Second-to-none’ tech stack
  • London weather isn’t Californian weather
  • 1 million customers activated cashback
  • Monzo workplace a responsible, inclusive team

The rest of it is basically generic positive attitude to challenges, with a lot of obvious growth references, team-building buzzwords and business studies terms. Oh,

  • ‘Scale’ mentioned and it sounded like it was a segway into support scaling, but support not directly mentioned

‘What’s next?’ - on top of recent doubled revenues, speed of change, it’s an energising future on a rocket ship to redefine banking for millions of customers. Ambitious and hungry - looking ahead at what’s to come. Building and shaping the future.

A ‘safe’ interview, but very positive and TS comes across very well.