Monzo in the media

Monzo (US) card used in Google Wallet animation update example:

tbh, that animation style would work for the Monzo app carousel too.


I just got that Google Wallet update and I don’t think I like it that much. Somehow, seems harder to swipe between cards and just seems more cluttered than before, despite most Google apps going in the opposite direction.

However, like most things, I’m sure I’ll get used to it quickly.


I don’t have an Android phone but that feels like poor UI. It’s not clear what cards there are in the wallet and in what order, so if I wanted to pay with a specific card I’d have to keep swiping


I’d happily use Samsung Wallet all of the time if it was more easily supported by other companies. That has a quick access which easily shows you every single card. Google you have to swipe through them all. I don’t understand how they haven’t changed this yet.

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Caleb Hammer just pitched Monzo during his Financial Audit youtube show.

Scroll to 27min13secs in and he recommends Monzo USA to 200,000 mostly US viewers who are into budgeting and finance.

That’s :fire: for Monzo usa


Now Monzo US is sponsoring his videos :eyes:

Interesting to see them get promo this way!

YouTube sponsorship for the US product is a very solid idea. In combo with other growth hacks that could really work. I hope it does - I would love for the product to take off stateside.


Not sure how effective it’ll be honestly. Zen tried it a few years ago. Has anyone really heard of or used them yet? Had some fairly big names in the tech space promoting them. I recall a few of the Apple Specific ones like Brian Tong and iJustine mention being sponsored by Zen several times for instance.

iJustine advertised them wider too, on her socials:

Don’t think it worked. Despite it, Monzo still has, by my perception, much larger brand recognition and awareness in the US. even in my own social circles, and most of us watch iJustine’s tech and gaming videos religiously, and those who have social media follow her.

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Like telegraph bingo, Monzo, EU, woke, Brexit


Monzo :white_check_mark:
EU :white_check_mark: (kinda)
woke :x:
Brexit :x:

No bingo for you today :frowning:

If MPs and peers think these are onerous hoops to jump through, they should try seeing what people who have to apply for PIP are forced to endure. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Not sure it counts as “in the media” but I’ve started seeing what I think are new Monzo video adverts on Youtube.

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The express took the Treasury briefing and made this

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What is a woke bank? The newbies ie Monzo, Starling and wannabe Revolut?

How are they posed a risk? Genuinely interested on this one.

Had a quick read:

Feel this bit kinda sum it up for me.


I doubt major defence contractors are trying to set up Monzo and Starling accounts.

I think this is about the big banks, although they don’t actually name any and obviously it’s a load of nonsense from the express anyway.


Not a new story, but the Grauniad have their own spin on it now

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Industries we can’t support, no matter your business type:

  • defence and weapons
  • public administration and defence, and compulsory social security. That includes things like defence, immigration services, foreign affairs and running government programmes.
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I think you missed what I was saying which was more that defence/arms contractors tend to be quite large companies who probably aren’t looking to run their bank account from a single app. Monzo don’t support a lot of business types at this point but that’s unlikely to affect anything nationally.